Alien Isolation Is Coming to Android and iOS 'Without Compromise'

Alien Isolation, the critically-acclaimed survival horror game, is coming to Android and iOS devices.

The game's mobile port was announced via a YouTube trailer and promises to deliver the complete experience without compromising on any of the factors that first made Alien Isolation a success. "This is the complete Alien: Isolation experience, bringing its stunning AAA visuals and every moment of hair-raising, heart-pounding horror to phones and tablets – complete with a fully customisable touch interface, controller support and all seven DLC packs," reads the video's description. Originally designed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA, the Android and iOS versions of Alien Isolation are coming from Feral Interactive.

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Alien Isolation takes place 15 years after the original film and places players in the role of Amanda Ripley, daughter of franchise hero Ellen Ripley. Upon learning that her mother may still be alive, Amanda makes her way to Sevastopol to collect the flight recording of that fateful expedition on the Nostromo. Upon arriving at the space station, Amanda quickly discovers that something is awry as nearly the entire crew is dead, brutally slaughtered by a Xenomorph. Players will need to use a variety of gadgets and weapons to avoid the alien which constantly prowls the ship looking for its next victim.

Upon its original release in 2014, Alien Isolation was almost universally praised. Critics lauded the game's tense atmosphere and intelligent AI systems that ensured players never truly felt safe. The game was also widely recognized for its stunning graphics which largely hold up seven years later. Alien Isolation was later ported to the Nintendo Switch, also by Feral Interactive. Despite running on weaker hardware, this version of the game was still considered a success as it managed to retain a palpable sense of dread while not sacrificing visual fidelity.

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While fans of Ridley Scott's horrific creature may be pleased to take Alien Isolation on the go, it's not the only video game adaption of the franchise to release in 2021. A tactical co-operative third-person shooter titled Aliens: Fireteam Elite launched in August and tasked players with surviving and repelling waves of deadly Xenomorphs. The game received mixed reviews with many praising Fireteam Elite's compelling combat while criticizing its repetitive level design.

Alien Isolation launches for Android and iOS devices on Dec. 16. The mobile version of the game will retail for $14.99.

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