Aliens: How Humans Created a Friendly Synehtic Xenomorph

In the world of Alien and Aliens, the fight against the Xenomorphs has been going on for so long that humanity has developed several ways to kill their foes. Among the strangest, and oddly friendliest, ways they went about this was the creation of their own xenomorph.

Through trial and error, one of these human-made Xenomorphs came to be known as Jeri. Introduced in 1994's Aliens: Stronghold, by Doug Mahnke and John Arcudi, Jeri could speak and interact with humans and even form friendships with them. But this was all secondary to his designated purpose: infiltrating xenomorph hives so that humans have a better chance of destroying them.

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To be clear, Jeri isn't a true xenomorph; he is a synthetic. In the lore of the Alien franchise, synthetics are essentially androids, biomechanical beings that can emulate human emotions. Jeri was created by Grant Corporation, using the idea of synthetics mimicking humans and applying it to xenomorph physiology. The synthetic xenomorph was not actually the first of his kind, being a more updated version of an earlier model that had been named Norbert.

Unlike his predecessor, Jeri's personality was designed to be more friendly, like his comedian namesake Jerry Lewis. He has Asimov protocols that prevented him from taking human lives. That didn't stop his appearance from scaring most people out of their skins upon first glance. But Jeri was more than just an especially scary assistant. As an infiltrator synthetic, Jeri was designed with every conceivable way to blend in that he conceivably could.

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Much like humanoid synthetic, which mimic humans perfectly in appearance, Jeri was designed to look exactly like a xenomorph drone. At a glance, there is no discernable difference between the synthetic and organic drones. But physical appearance is only half the battle. The drones still exist as part of a hive and would be able to detect an intruder in their midst without proper pheromones. Thinking ahead of this, Grant Corporation incorporated Jeri with pheromone secretion tech to mask his presence, meaning he could perfectly blend in with the hive unnoticed and give his friends an edge in any extermination efforts.

Aside from his infiltration specialties, Jeri also had a few other skills that made him one of the weirdest characters in the franchise. He was capable of operating complex computer systems, navigating them with ease. Even stranger, at least when visualized, is that Jeri was capable of wielding a pulse rifle in combat. If his physical form was not enough to help in a fight, then he could shoot a gun with the best of them.

A lot of things make Jerry one of the strangest parts of Alien lore. But he was also incredibly endearing and brave. Despite being created for a specific purpose, Jeri was also capable of reason and making decisions for himself, aiding the protagonists of the franchise when it became clear they needed his help. And without him, it is highly likely they would have died.

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