How Arcane Sets Up Season 2

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Arcane's Season 1 finale, "The Monster You Created," now streaming on Netflix

Arcane's first season effectively ends on a powerful cliffhanger, killing of the show's primary antagonist in such a way that the entire city of Piltover -- and the neighboring Undercity, which had just been granted independence as the city of Zaun -- will be on the warpath going forward, but that's not the only story-beat left hanging by the season's end. What makes the announcement of Arcane's upcoming second season particularly exciting is the number of plot threads that remain unresolved, setting up plenty of storylines for the animated series to tackle in future episodes.

Arcane's first season finale resolves the emotional throughline of the initial nine episodes. Despite her best attempts to rectify things with her sister, Vi is unable to prevent Powder from embracing her new identity as Jinx. Although Jinx saves Vi's life by killing Silco, this act shatters whatever remains of Powder, resulting in the dangerous young woman turning her rage against Piltover. She effectively commits a large-scale act of terrorism, shooting a Hex-Tech enhanced missile at the Piltover ruling council, just as they vote to officially transform the Undercity into the independent city of Zaun. The audio-only teaser for the next season suggests that Vi and Caitlyn will spend the next season on the hunt for Jinx, trying to bring her to justice for her actions, and Caitlyn's rage hints that her mother didn't survive the attack.

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There are also a number of other storylines teased in the final episodes that remain unresolved and could provide further directions for the rest of a follow-up season. Viktor and Jayce's friendship has been tested by their differing paths but still remains strong, even though Viktor is now hiding his physical transformation due to his experiments and the fact that his work cost the life of his assistant, Sky. League of Legends lore suggests their falling out eventually plays a part in Viktor's further transformations, which would make a compelling and tragic arc for the two characters going forward. Meanwhile, another unlikely friendship has been struck up between Ekko and Heimerdinger, hinting that even as the conflict remains between Piltover and Zaun, those two could work on bringing peace to their cities.

On top of all those specific character threads that have been left unresolved, there are a number of other teases about the future roles major players from the season could play going forward. Singed's experiments are glimpsed once more in the season's final moments, possibly giving eagle-eyed viewers their first glimpse at Warwick, Zaun's eventual ferocious wolf-like fighter.

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Meanwhile, Mel's mother, Ambessa Medarda, has arrived on the scene in hopes of taking Hex-Tech weapons from Piltover back to her nation of Noxus to use in combat against the other factions vying with her family for power. This sets the stage for the other kingdoms and regions of Runeterra to play a role in future storylines, further opening up the scope of the world.

Arcane effectively sets up a number of different paths for a new batch of episodes to explore, which speaks to the further potential of the show going forward. It's a good thing that Arcane has officially begun production on its second season. As one of the best-constructed videogame adaptations to yet be released, it's exciting to know that these plot threads will get the chance to be further resolved going forward , giving audiences more time to learn more about the world of Runeterra, and see how the various factions of Piltover and Zaun continue to shape the future of their world as the story inches closer to the time-period featured primarily in League of Legends.

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