Arifureta: Everything to Remember Before Season 2

The isekai genre has captivated anime fans around the world in recent years. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Greatest is no exception, despite the critiques its anime adaptation has received in some quarters. With Season 2 set to air in January 2022, here are some key plot points to remember about how Hajime and his colorful harem came to be.

Hajime Nagumo Was a Total Weakling At First

17-year-old otaku Hajime Nagumo struggles to adapt after suddenly being transported into the fantasy world of Tortus with his classmates. He's seen as weak and defenseless by his peers, but after he is shot by "friendly fire" off a bridge during a monster battle, he's forced to learn how to survive alone in the abyss. Eventually, he discovers that eating monster meat causes him to level up and learn new, incredibly powerful skills. As a side effect, Hajime's hair turns white and he becomes very buff, changing into a whole different person both internally and externally as Arifureta goes on.

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Hajime Meets Yue, The Imprisoned Vampire Princess

During his harrowing journey deeper into the abyss, Hajime eventually encounters Yue, a powerful vampire princess who has been imprisoned. After he sets her free, they fight their way through the labyrinth together, forming a romance along the way and finding an exit from the abyss through the Maverick's Lair. In his quest to become the most powerful being in Tortus, Hajime discovers that clearing each Labyrinth means he inherits rare and ancient magic, so he immediately decides to go on a quest to clear every single one and find his way back home.

The Charismatic Rabbitman Shea Loves Hajime Too

Once out of the abyss, Hajime and Yue encounter a clumsy rabbitman girl named Shea. She explains that she can see the future and has been waiting for their arrival. Her pacifistic people are facing the threat of becoming extinct when monsters raid her village. She begs them to help, and eventually joins them on their adventures when they do so. Thus, Arifureta's harem begins to form.

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Hajime, His Teacher Aiko, and the Masochistic Dragonborn Tio

After clearing Arifureta's second dungeon, Hajime runs into his old teacher Aiko -- the first human he's seen since escaping the abyss. Initially he is cold and distant, but after warming up he tells her the secrets he discovered within the library of the Maverick's Lair.

Hajime's next quest requires overcoming a dragon, and after a (quite lewd) means of defeat he discovers she is actually a Female Dragonborn named Tio. Her masochistic tendencies result in her becoming addicted to Hajime's cold and distant behavior, and she joins him, Yue and Shea on their adventures.

Hajime and the Gang Have a 'Daughter' Named Myu

During a second encounter with Aiko, Hajime, without hesitation, kills his classmate who's trying to sabotage their efforts -- right in front of his teacher. He did this so Aiko wouldn't blame herself for her student's failures, but the incident serves as a wakeup call to Hajime as well.

Terrified of what he's become, they part ways. Back in the city, Shea and Hajime encounter Myu, an abandoned merfolk toddler. After being re-captured by slave traders, they quickly rescue and form a bond with the adorable Myu as she becomes the 'daughter' of the group.

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Hajime's Classmates Finally Meet The New Hajime

Back at the Adventurer's Guild Headquarters, Hajime meets a classmate who warns him that a demon has set a trap for the others back in the first labyrinth. After some convincing, Hajime reluctantly agrees to help them despite being convinced that someone tried to kill him the day he was shot off the bridge. His classmates are shocked to see that Hajime is still alive, especially Daisuke Hiyama -- who had, in fact, attempted to murder him. Kaori, his closest friend and old crush, immediately recognizes him. Hajime, now far more powerful than his classmates, saves everyone without breaking a sweat.

When everyone is safely out of the labyrinth, Kaori confesses her love for Hajime. He rejects her, saying he loves Yue so he cannot reciprocate her feelings. Despite this, Kaori asks to join them on their adventures and challenges Yue to a friendly battle of proving who loves Hajime the most. Tio points out her excitement to see how this new dynamic pans out, surely a sentiment shared by many Arifureta fans. The Season 1 finale ends with Hajime boldly exclaiming that he'll do anything to get back to Japan, even kill God.

What's next for the powerful Hajime and his devoted harem? What kind of quirky characters and scary monsters will viewers encounter next? How big will Hajime's harem get? These questions and more will hopefully be answered when Season 2 of Arifureta begins in January 2022.

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