The Arrowverse's WestAllen & Olicity Double Wedding Was a Mistake

For as many fans as the Arrowverse has, it's got just as many detractors. Likewise, even the fans have to admit that there have been some dumb decisions made for The CW's shared universe of DC superheroes, with many of them relating to the romance department. But while the Olicity pairing is easily the most hated in the Arrowverse, the romance between Barry Allen and Iris West isn't too far behind.

Ironically, these two less-than-loved pairings truly came together in the same awful storyline. The "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover had Oliver and Felicity essentially hijack Barry and Iris' wedding to get married as well, sending fans into an infinite cringe. Sadly, the Arrowverse would bend over to acknowledge this wedding for Olicity but not so much for the Scarlet Speedster and his bride. Here's why doing so was such a ginormous mistake.

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Crisis On Earth X's Double Wedding

By the time that the wedding took place, fans had already grown to absolutely despise the Olicity pairing from the show Arrow. Felicity had once been a fan-favorite character, but her being pushed to the forefront, especially at the expense of Oliver Queen's comic book love interest of Dinah Laurel Lance, rubbed people the wrong way. On top of that, the general writing of their relationship was horrific, embodying the worst tropes of shows on the CW.

This lack of a good romance made them suddenly getting married in the crossover event more than cringeworthy. Viewers that livid that this essentially sealed the deal of making Olicity forever official for Arrowverse canon, and the fact that the two hijacked what was supposed to be Barry Allen and Iris West's big day was even worse. Even if Barry for some reason didn't feel insulted, fans felt that way for him.

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Oliver and Felicity Stole the Moment

To make matters worse, the Arrowverse continued to downplay the marriage of Barry and Iris while further throwing Oliver and Felicity's marriage into everything. That season of Arrow after the crossover storyline actually gave Felicity and Oliver a wedding reception, with some tenders moments being had between the likes of Oliver and Quentin Lance. Even this touching bit of character development between two men who once hated each other was undermined by the laughable incident that brought it on, much as the show itself would from then on be marred by Oliver's marriage to Felicity.

On the other hand, there was no such wedding reception for Iris and Barry, even though they were the ones who were meant to be married during the events of "Crisis on Earth-X." Some of this can be chalked up to Oliver having money and being able to through such a lavish shindig for his new bride, but since he's friends with Barry, he could have helped to throw a similar reception for him. On an episode of The Flash, Iris even makes a comment about essentially being snubbed for her shine at the altar by having to share it with Felicity, and the bit of shade being thrown may have been the writers of that show acknowledging fans complaints.

Perhaps the biggest reason why this double wedding was such a bad idea, however, was that it was incredibly lame and cheesy -- made worse by the fact that the heroes had just cartoonishly fought stereotypical Nazis. What could and should have been a much more serious affair was reduced to caricature and an especially dumb wedding, one which involved the despised Olicity pairing, no less.

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