Why the Death of Marvel's Doctor Strange Terrified Juggernaut's Dark God

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for The Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers #1, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The sheer scope of the Marvel Universe means there are plenty of dangerous forces in the cosmos and across dimensions, notable deities who exist on entirely different levels even when compared to the most powerful superheroes. But it looks like even the most destructive of those beings can feel a very human emotion: fear.

In  Death Of Doctor Strange: The Avengers (by Alex Paknadel, Ryan Bodenheim, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC's Cory Petit), Iron Man discovers that the Crimson Cosmos has been more or less wiped out by the nefarious forces now targeting Earth -- and that they're so powerful, even Cyttorak has run away and gone into hiding.

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Cyttorak is a notable dark god within the greater Marvel Universe. A powerhouse deity who typically resides in the Crimson Cosmos and is associated with destruction and chaos, the being is most closely associated with the Juggernaut. After imbuing a crystal gem with a connection to his power, Cyttorak empowered Cain Marko and transformed him into one of Marvel's most dangerous fighters. Cyttoark's power is so immense that even forces imbued with the power of the Phoenix Force aren't able to simply command him or sever his connection to living beings. Even just his typical association with the Juggernaut as merely an agent of his will should give audiences an idea of how strong he really is.

That's what makes the revelations in Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers so worrying. The issue introduces the unnamed daughter of Cyttorak, born with the innate abilities to create constructs similar to the Juggernaut. Born within the Crimson Cosmos, she was one of the only beings capable of standing against the nefarious forces that attacked that realm. Although the child (barely) survived, she wasn't able to prevent the supernatural hordes from wiping out almost all other vestiges of life. Notably, Cyttorak did not take part in this battle -- instead fleeing his own dimension and hiding in the shadows between worlds so as to avoid the wrath of the Three Mothers and their mysterious connection to "The Child."

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In the past, Cyttorak has brushed off the Phoenix Force being threatened against him, giving a good idea of the sheer scope of his destructive power and potential. The fact that the Child is enough to send him running is a very poor sign for the Earth. With Doctor Strange dead and his magical barriers shattered, the Earth's heroes are increasingly finding themselves dealing with a kind of threat that they've never been truly prepared to confront on such a massive scale. On top of this leaving the fate and role of Cyttorak up in the air for the time being (allowing him to surprise people and appear somewhere else unexpected), it also means that whatever chaos is heading towards Earth is so bad, even a diety obsessed with pain and chaos wants nothing to do with it.

If even Cyttorak is running, then things are truly dire. With any luck, the younger incarnation of Doctor Strange who's been summoned to help protect the world will find a way to combat these elements. He could even try calling upon mystical elements like Cyttorak to rally behind him and work together. But even that might be a longshot, considering how powerful the Mothers already appear to be.

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