AWA Studio's Primos Debuts A New Latinx Super-Team In Early 2022

AWA Studios is joining forces with a former The Daily Show correspondent and a veteran Marvel artist for a brand new Latinx superhero series. Debuting in early 2022, Primos by comedian Al Madrigal and Spider-Geddon artist Carlo Barberi is an action-packed comic that AWA's Chief Creative Officer Axel Alonso has compared to a Latinx-centric Guardians of the Galaxy.

The former Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief explained in a press release that he and Madrigal had been seeking out a collaboration, saying, "Al and I have been wanting to work on a project together for some time, where we could share our Mexican heritage with a broad audience and create the ultimate Latinx heroes for the 21st Century." Madrigal likewise noted that "the lack of Mexican representation in the superhero genre is surprising, to say the least. Everyone, including Latinos, should be able to see heroic, but flawed, badass versions of themselves represented in media."

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Referencing real-life figures like King Janaab, the series is firmly rooted in South American and Central American culture. The series focuses on the distant descendants of a now-lost civilization. Centuries ago, two Mayan brothers were propelled into space by their miraculous inventions, but by the time they returned, their kingdom had been destroyed. When one of the brothers decides to go on the warpath and take revenge on modern society for the fall of their homes, an ancient fail-safe activates and grants powers to their three modern-day descendants -- with the l0ng-prepared intent to stand up and save the world.

The problem is that the three cousins who just discovered their apparent destiny have never met and are scattered across North and Central America. Considering the amount of dangerous and amazing technologies the brothers have at their disposal, it'll be on the family to unite and save the world.

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According to the official synopsis,

The ultimate Latinx heroes for the 21st Century are here! Centuries ago, two Mayan brothers constructed a spacecraft that sent them hurtling into outer space. Returned to Earth only to find their culture and civilization destroyed, one of the brothers vows revenge and seeks to decimate the planet with intergalactic technology gathered on his travels. To prevent this, his sibling creates a contingency plan that activates the world’s protectors – three descendants of their own family who have been granted great power. Now, the fate of the universe lies in the hands of three cousins scattered throughout Central and North America who have never even met.

AWA Studios will release Primos simultaneously in English and Spanish and will be made available across multiple digital platforms. Primos goes on sale Feb. 2, 2022. Two covers, as well as solicit information, appear below.

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