Ryan Bodenheim's Final Project Released by Bad Idea as a Free Digital Comic

Bad Idea Comics has released artist Ryan Bodenheim's final project as a free digital comic.

Bodenheim passed away this past December at the young age of 44 years old. Before he passed, the artist had been working on a new project for Bad Idea, Spark, which tells the story of a fight against aliens and the abandonment of Earth for a new life elsewhere, so that the human race might live on. To celebrate Bodenheim, the imprint has released Spark for free on its own website, breaking Bad Idea's vow to only distribute print copies of its comics.

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At the top of Spark, Bad Idea wrote, "Today a new BAD IDEA comic book arrives in stores and we'd like to take that opportunity to honor someone very dear to all of us by making a second comic book available to you all." The post discusses how the release of Spark breaks Bad Idea's "cardinal rule," but that they shared it in honor of Bodenheim, describing the creator as "an exceptional storyteller, an exquisite illustrator, a colleague, a part of [Bad Idea's] family, and a friend."

Bodenheim worked on numerous titles throughout his career, including the latter half of writer Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther run and interiors for Marvel's Immortal Hulk series, as well as variant covers for titles like Bloodshot. More recently and aside from Spark, Bodenheim worked on the Avengers one-shot tie-in to The Death of Doctor Strange, as well as Eternals: The Undying #1. While The Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers #1 released in Nov. 2021, the next Eternals one-shot is not set to debut until Feb. 16, 2022.

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As for Spark, the issue indicates that it was only the first part of a larger story, being that it is titled "Chapter 1: Hold Tight." Spanning across 30 pages, while the majority of the unfinished book has been colored, about the last third remains as pencils and inks only, absent of color. However, some of the grayscale pages have a hint of color, showing the work still in progress.

Spark #1 follows Captain Giroux and his son Rickard evacuating Earth and leading an outpost of human survivors two years later on a barren moon. Other creators on the project with Bodenheim include Robert Venditti, Ulises Arreola and Dave Sharpe, with Bad Idea including Bodenheim's name at the top of the issue's credits. Bad Idea included a quote from Bodenheim to close out its foreword message:

"The comic book industry will never die because we love what we do. We won't stop drawing, we won't stop telling stories, we won't stop reading them. We've been doing it since the caves." -Ryan Bodenheim

The digital issue is now available to read for free.

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Source: Bad Idea Comics

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