DC's Catwoman Series Reveals the Night Joker Kills Batman

An upcoming issue of Catwoman: Lonely City will show how The Joker finally killed the Dark Knight.

Written and illustrated by Cliff Chiang, Catwoman: Lonely City is a three-issue miniseries from DC's Black Label imprint that follows an aging Selina Kyle as she confronts the ghosts of Gotham's past. Catwoman's dark future sees her on her own after Batman, Nightwing and Commissioner are murdered by The Joker. Now, the mysterious events of "Fool's Night" will come to light, as the secret behind the Clown Prince of Crime's greatest victory is revealed in December's Catwoman: Lonely City #2.

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In Catwoman: Lonely City, The Joker's actions on "Fool's Night" cause a ripple effect that impacts Gotham City at large. Catwoman herself was sent to prison for a decade in the wake of the tragedy, while other vigilantes like Barbara Gordon decided to reevaluate their relationship with crimefighting. With many of the city's heroes out for the count, Two-Face stepped up to become Mayor of Gotham. Determined to save the city from itself, Mayor Harvey Dent enacted a number of crime-fighting initiatives that increase the presence of police in the city, as well as restricting who can travel through certain streets.

However, life isn't necessarily better for all of Gotham's citizens in the storyline, as many still struggle to find safety from the harsh civil restrictions. Seeking solace herself, Selina stumbled across the original Red Tornado, whose bar has become one of the few safe houses of the city. While there, Selina connected with one of her former foes to formulate a plan to take down Dent and make peace with her own past. Kyle and Killer Croc's team-up will be one of the driving forces of Catwoman: Lonely City #2, as the preview shows the pair preparing to break into the Batcave on Election Day when Dent is distracted.

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Though the future seems bleak for Catwoman, her current-day comic book adventures are substantially less stressful. In Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1, out later this month, the feline antihero stars in an original story written by Batman Returns star Danny DeVito. Drawn by Dan Mora, the short will see Catwoman and Penguin put aside their petty differences in an attempt to improve their global influence. Outside of that one-off, Catwoman #39 introduces a new creative team to Selina's monthly adventures as writer Tini Howard, artist Nico Leon and colorist Jordie Bellaire take over the title. The team's first storyline will see Catwoman returning to Gotham in the wake of Fear State, stealing whatever she can from the city's crime bosses.


Catwoman: Lonely City #2, with story and art by Cliff Chiang, goes on sale Dec. 21 from DC.

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Source: DC

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