What Battle Royale Has the Longest Matches?

Battle royale games like Fortnite or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds can sometimes have up to 100 players in a match at one time. While mechanics like moving walls and toxic clouds can help keep players together as their numbers dwindle, there's not much that'll get around the fact that battle royale games can go on for a decent length of time. With so many different battle royale games on the market today, knowing how long the average match is and what battle royale game has the longest matches could point gamers towards their preferred title.

The heavy hitters tend to be on the shorter side. While round times will depend on things like in-game events and the number of players, looking at the average round time with the max number of supported players can give a good idea of just how long certain battle royal games can go. Given that Fortnite and PUBG seem to be on the quicker side of things, what battle royale game actually has the longest matches?

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To start, Fortnite is by far one of the most popular battle royale games out there. Given how frequently the game's map, hazards and gimmicks during rounds can change thanks to the rotating season structure of the game, pinning down an exact average match time can be a bit more tricky. A round of Fortnite lasts about twenty minutes, which ends up being on the shorter side, giving Fortnite a pick-up-and-play appeal.

PUBG tends to be a bit more consistent round to round, even if the game does have multiple different maps. That being said, it does mostly lack the movement options and construction mechanics that Fortnite has. This could be why a round of PUBG ends up being a bit longer, with a single round lasting about thirty minutes if the player count is maxed out. While neither of these games has the longest battle royale rounds, they also don't have the shortest.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout ends up being more of a mix between the battle royale genre and party games, with one round being made up of several quick minigames that eliminate players leading up to the finale. It's not the same kind of game as Fortnite, which also leads to it having far shorter rounds on average compared to similar games. Considering player eliminations, players will usually spend around ten minutes in a round of Fall Guys.

The battle royale game with some of the longest matches on average is a somewhat infamous game called Rules of Survival, which got some news coverage back in 2018 when they were sued by PUBG over allegedly infringing on their copyright. Given that Rules of Survival can have a maximum of 500 players on a single map and that its gameplay pace is often compared to PUBG, the average round of Rules of Survival would likely last an hour or so.

That being said, round length doesn't exactly correspond to quality. Steam reviews of Rules of Survival are less than favorable and imply that there isn't much of a player base left. Meanwhile, quicker battle royale games like Fall Guys and even the free-to-play ZombsRoyale.io generally receive far more favorable reviews and still have many players. On average, it seems like battle royale rounds last fifteen minutes, with the less traditional ones hitting closer to ten minutes.

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