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Horror games are often underrated and under-appreciated in video games. However, in such an immersive medium, the horror genre can really thrive with engrossing and frightening stories. The past twenty years has actually given us some exceptional entries in the horror genre, and some are even considered some of the most important video games ever made. What's more, the best horror games have consistently stood the test of time as some of the greatest games of all-time.

Whether you’re trying horror games for the first time or want to round out you’re experiences, there are some games that are must-plays. The horror genre is also pretty far reaching in video games. There is classic paranormal horror, as well as horror that blends with 1st person shooters and puzzle games. The best horror games use video games as an interactive medium to tell unique and personal stories that get players invested and subsequently terrified throughout the experience. Whether you’re in it for the gross-outs, the tense atmosphere, or just the reactionary fun of it all, here are the best horror games you can play right now.

The original Resident Evil 2 is one of the great hallmarks of the series, and it proved that Capcom had legs with its zombie-infested franchise. The studio would capture that lightning in a bottle magic once again with Resident Evil 4, but then the series fumbled its way through until it returned to form with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Capcom took those lessons and went back to make what is arguably the perfect remake of their classic title. Resident Evil 2 Remake is simultaneously a loving and detailed recreation of the old game and an innovative refresh of the series. It is old and new combined.

The game’s plot is largely unchanged. Players can play as either rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield. Claire is looking for her brother Chris - frequent protagonist of other RE games - and Leon intends to help. After being separated by a car crash, the two arrive at Raccoon City’s police station, which is overrun with zombies and other unspeakable horrors. From here the two’s plots diverge as they try to escape the city and uncover what has happened.

Whether you play as Leon or Claire, you are relentlessly pursued by the Tyrant, an unkillable enemy that will give you a really bad time if he gets close enough.

The remake captures everything that made the original Resident Evil 2 great. It’s claustrophobic, stressful, and you don’t have enough inventory space or bullets. At the same time, the game has swapped out the old tank controls for more modern over the shoulder gameplay a la Resident Evil 4. It all adds up to not just a great remake, but one of the best survival horror games you can play.

Key Features
  • Loving recreation of the original game
  • Limited inventory and resource management
  • Zombies, tyrants, and other creatures
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Visceral with gorgeous animations
  • Faithful retelling of the original game
  • A hardcore mode for old school players
  • Absurd and obtuse puzzles

There was a bit of a lull period in horror game releases in the early 2010s. Occasionally you would get a good title, but the genre hadn’t really taken off the way it has these days. Outlast can be attributed to re-launching horror games into mainstream appeal. It’s claustrophobic, fast-paced, and just utterly, disgustingly violent. All of that adds up to some pretty amazing sequences and one of the best horror titles released in recent memory. The Outlast Trinity includes the first game, the Whistleblower DLC, and Outlast 2, so it’s the perfect way to enjoy the series.

The first game follows investigative journalist Miles Upshur after he receives an anonymous email about Mount Massive Asylum and the horrible experiments it performs on its patients. After sneaking in late at night, he is horrified to find a group of private military soldiers brutally murdered. Now trapped inside, Miles must survive as the deadly and rightfully angry patients roam free and uncover the truth of Mount Massive Asylum. The DLC takes place before and after the events of Outlast, and follows the employee that tipped off Miles.

The second game follows Blake Langermann, another investigative journalist. When his and his wife Lynn’s helicopter crashes in rural Arizona, they find themselves in the midst of a deranged cult that believes Lynn will bear the antichrist. From there, Blake must run and hide his way through the dangerous countryside in search of his wife and ultimately escape. It isn’t quite as polished as the first game, but it has enough thrills to make it worth the play.

If you are a fan of schlocky violence and well-crafted horror tropes, then Outlast Trinity is the perfect game for you.

Key Features
  • Three separate stories in one
  • Thrilling chase sequences
  • Tense cat and mouse gameplay
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Red Barrels
  • One of the most thrilling horror games to come out in years
  • Unique handheld camera mechanics to record and use night vision
  • Some of the most insane characters you can imagine
  • Games are a bit short

F.E.A.R. is simultaneously the least and the most “horror” game on this list. Despite fear literally being the title, the game isn’t all that frightening at first. It has more of a goofy sci-fi plot than that of a traditional horror title. You play the Point Man, an unnamed silent protagonist as part of the First Encounter Assault Recon team. When a psychic commander telepathically takes control of a group of clone super-soldiers, you are sent in to eliminate them and the commander. Sounds like a pretty crazy (if typical) shooter plot right?

That is, until the Point Man starts having vivid and threatening paranormal hallucinations of a little girl named Alma. The mystery of the game is pretty amazing, even by modern standards, so no spoilers here. But just know the main event is Alma and her unquenchable thirst for blood.

F.E.A.R. is a significant game in the genre for several reasons. For one, it really advanced the state of 1st-person shooters in this era. The firefights are tight, frantic, and the enemy AI are smart and aggressive. It makes for a sweaty palms experience that’s difficult to find even on modern titles. The game is also one of the first to utilize in-engine animations for horror sequences, and it uses them to great effect. Pretty much any 1st person horror game today is influenced by F.E.A.R.

For a game that is as frightening as it is exciting, F.E.A.R. still holds up.

Key Features
  • Director’s edition of the game
  • Array of powerful weapons
  • Psycho science fiction/paranormal plot
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Monolith Productions
  • Thrilling shooter with creepy atmosphere
  • Aggressive and intelligent AI
  • Frightening scenes inspired by Japanese horr
  • Environments and combat can feel repetitive

Prey is one of the latest titles on this list, and it is definitely one of the most memorable as well. As a 1st-person horror adventure, it offers a tense and moody atmosphere with a unique and terrifying alien threat. The game also has shooter gameplay, but that’s less robust compared to the narrative and the sense of dread the game builds. Made by the developers of Dishonored, the game is a challenging and emotional journey. It offers plenty of scares but also explores something far more frightening - the human condition.

In Prey, players take on the role of Morgan Yu, who is male or female depending on which you choose at the beginning. Morgan works on the space station Talos I, where they research an alien species called the Typhon. The Typhon have a variety of psychic abilities and can shapeshift into inanimate objects. Things quickly go wrong, and Morgan must fight to survive as the Typhon break loose and take control of Talos I.

The game has RPG elements with branching narrative paths and skills the player develop as they progress. This is where the game is at its best, as players hack and lock pick their way through areas while avoiding being murdered by the unseen Typhon. Morgan also gets a variety of weapons and abilities, but the game is at its best when combat is avoided. You will have to fight eventually, but the guns are fun and the combat is serviceable. It just doesn’t compare to the horror.

For a game that will surprise and terrify you, Prey from Arkane Studios is a must play.

Key Features
  • RPG elements
  • Provocative themes and ideas
  • Lots of heavy duty weapons
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Unique and varied environments, including zero-g
  • An alien menace that will leave you tense throughout the game
  • Some of the most unexpected story moments in recent memory
  • Technical issues for many players, including long load times

The Alien franchise has been begging for a quality video game adaptation before home consoles were a mainstay in households. There have been plenty of Alien games, but none of them really captured the claustrophobic and tense atmosphere of the original movie. That all changed when fans got their hands on Alien: Isolation, a survival horror game that perfectly captures the vibe of the original movie and tells a great story that elaborates on the Alien universe.

The game takes place 15 years after the first movie as the player steps into the shoes of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the film’s protagonist Ellen Ripley. Amanda and her crew head to Sevastopol, with Amanda’s ultimate goal to get her hands on the flight recorder from the Nostramo, her mother’s ship that mysteriously vanished all those years ago.

When they arrive, though, they find the station is plagued by a mysterious and deadly alien (hint, it’s the xenomorph). From there Amanda must face human and android foes alike as well as hide from the alien. The alien is more or less impervious to Amanda’s weapons, so the only true option is to hide and run. That’s particularly difficult, because the alien AI does not follow a scripted path, making it hard to predict and outmaneuver. That really adds to the difficulty and terror of this game.

For an excellent game based in the Alien franchise that will also ruin your life, Alien: Isolation is pretty much you’re only option, but that’s not really a bad thing.

Key Features
  • Intelligent AI
  • Expands on the Alien story
  • Cat and mouse gameplay
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Sega
  • The first Alien game to really feel like the movie
  • A smart and dangerous xenomorph AI
  • Lovely graphics with retro-future vibe
  • The game is tough, even by survival horror standards

Not every game has to be emotionally scarring and stress-inducing. Sometimes horror games and the genre at large can be a great way to kick back and relax and maybe have a good laugh. That’s evident in the slasher film genre, which soaks itself in the same tropes and plot beats that each subsequent film feels like a parody of all the others. Until Dawn is the video game equivalent of a slasher film, and while it’s got some great shock factor, it’s really just schlocky fun.

The game does have a unique approach to gameplay and story framing, though. The development team centered their design around a butterfly effect system. That means they wanted player choices to have a far-reaching impact on the game’s story. It doesn’t always live up to its promises, but when the butterfly effect works it works. The game has a branching story with certain scenes locked from players because of the choices they make or the challenges they fail. There is also no manual save, so if players really mess up they have to live with the consequences. It makes for a game with a lot of replay value, even if some of the decisions have no meaningful impacts on the story.

The game also has some great music and terrific performances from its cast. Despite being a slasher flick game, the cast really bring their characters to life. It takes place with a group of teens at a cabin in the woods one year after a pair of sisters mysteriously vanished, and the game goes pretty much exactly where you think from there. It does have some surprises though, and it is an excellent game for those who want a cinematic horror experience.

Key Features
  • Story progresses based on your choices
  • Cast of classic slasher film stereotypes
  • Excellent music
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Supermassive Games
  • Lots of replay value
  • Perfect B-rate horror vibes
  • Stellar performances from cast
  • Scripted gameplay may not appeal to all gamers

If you ever asked what would happen if Resident Evil and System Shock had a baby, you should seek serious help. To answer your question, though, the resulting game would be Dead Space. When this game first dropped from Remedy Entertainment, it was a major shakeup in the industry. Not only was it the first new horror IP in years, but it brought with it some major innovations that are used in third person games to this day.

The players take the role of Isaac Clarke (named for famous science fiction authors Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke), as he and his team answer a distress call from the ship Ishimura. The distress call comes from Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole, who is onboard the ship.

After they arrive, the team quickly discovers most of the crew have been murdered and a mysterious creature appears and begins killing their team as well. Isaac discovers the ship is infested with necromorphs: alien monstrosities that are the deformed and revived corpses of the crew.

Isaac must fight his way through the ship with a variety of improvised weapons by dismembering the necromorphs, as its the only way to fully kill them. He must also find Nicole, discover what created the necromorphs, and escape.

The game is insanely violent, and its seamless gameplay wasn’t really seen before. That combined with the game’s final twist make for one of the most memorable horror experiences ever in a video game.

Key Features
  • Insane amounts of violence
  • No HUD or cutscenes
  • Unique and robust world building
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Visceral Games
  • Visceral combat based on dismemberment
  • One of the best horror soundtracks of all time
  • Seamless story-telling with no cutscenes
  • Lots of retreading and visiting the same locations

Do you hate having fun? Do you like lying awake at night crying over a video game because of the things you had to do and witness? If that sounds like you, then you have either already played TellTale’s The Walking Dead series or you need to.

The Walking Dead, based on the popular graphic novels and television series, is an emotionally riveting experience with incredible characters and is easily one of the most enjoyable “playable movie” experiences around. Like TellTale’s other titles, the games are broken up over several episodes, and players will make decisions that mildly affect certain scenarios. Also like TellTale games, the consequences of those actions are rarely as impactful as the games imply.

In the first game (re: the first season), players take on the role of Lee, a man who has recently been convicted of murder. As he is being driven to prison, the police cruiser he is in hits a walker as the zombie outbreak takes full effect. Now on the run, he meets a little girl named Clementine alone in her suburban home. She is waiting for her parents, who went to Savannah just before the outbreak began. Lee promises to look after her and try and reunite her with her parents.

What follows is a harrowing journey of survival as Lee reconciles who he is and the man he must be to protect Clementine. In subsequent games, you play as Clementine as she continues to survive in a brutal and unforgiving world, and not just because of the zombies.

The Walking Dead completely revolutionized video game writing, and it is worth revisiting if you have played it before and it is necessary playing if you haven’t experienced it yet.

Key Features
  • Industry leading writing
  • All four seasons in one game
  • Player choices that affect certain aspects of the game
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: TellTale
  • The whole series is finally available together
  • Incredible writing and performances
  • Experience the horrors of humans and zombies alike
  • Player decisions don’t have huge effect on the overall story

This game is among the best horror games as it is an excellent follow-up to the remake of Resident Evil 2. This remake nailed the idea of the game perfectly. Thought is small in gameplay, and it is better to have a well-thought-out game over a mediocre one that goes on forever.

In this game, Capcom proved once again to be a leader when it comes to developing impressive horror games. RE3 is a testament to the fact that Capcom is a master at visual effects. This game is more than just great horror. You will get a combination of the scare, skillful design, and a formidable foe that is worth playing again and again. Plus, a lot of zombies, what more could you ask for?

You will love playing RE3 as it is made for the gamer who wants more than just a fright. The overall appearance of this game is stunning. Ultimately, though small, you get more play in this game than you do in many others. You will not be disappointed in getting this game.

Key Features
  • Give you an over-the-shoulder type account with modernized cinematography.
  • It lets you experience a different perspective of the formerly vibrant city.
  • Becomes a fight for survival through chilling encounters.
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single-Player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Excellent visual effects
  • Fun gameplay
  • A faithful tribute to the original
  • A short game

When looking for the best Horror game on the market, you want to make sure that you're getting a game that delivers. Little Nightmares is a game that gives you intense visual effects and graphics along with excellent gameplay. You will not be disappointed in how this game plays out.

One thing that sets this game apart is that it inspires fear without the need to include the usual blood and gore you get in other games. You will be in charge of a little girl in this game that lets you navigate through a world that is too big for her. There is a large array of grotesque creatures that you will have to get past.

If you want an excellent game that involves a feeling of helplessness, then Little Nightmares is the game for you. This game is rated for teens, and it is perfect for that age group. You want to be careful when purchasing to ensure that you are getting the correct version for where you live. Otherwise, this is one of the best horror games you can get for any age.

Key Features
  • It lets you embark on a thrilling adventure that is grim.
  • You can immerse yourself in a dark whimsical tale that is incredible.
  • Explore a visually appealing world with excellent graphics
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single Player
  • Rating: Teen
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco
  • Fun without the usual gore
  • Easy to navigate
  • A lot of different skills involved
  • Need to check the version

Silent Hill and Resident Evil were once the top dogs of survival horror. Where Resident Evil is in the middle of its own resurrection, things have not gone quite as well for the Silent Hill franchise. That’s a shame, because where Resident Evil leans into pulp and absurdism, Silent Hill was always slower and far more introspective. It’s horror that feels like its about something.

The Silent Hill HD Collection compiles the second and third games, but we’re really here for Silent Hill 2. The other game is fine, especially if you’re fans of the series already. However, Silent Hill 2 is so utterly close to perfection it still holds up today in a lot of ways.

The game follows James Sunderland who arrives in the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his wife Mary, who died three years before. As he explores the foggy town he encounters a number of characters with...issues. As players progress, they also realize that James has issues of his own, and Silent Hill has called upon him to reckon with them. The plot is well worth going in dark, so no spoilers here, but don’t expect sunshine and rainbows.

The game’s controls are jerky and imprecise, which makes for an unintuitive experience, but it only adds to the atmosphere of the game. After all, you’re playing as someone who has never had to fight for their life before. The game also has the iconic monster Pyramid Head.

To experience a game that continues to influence the horror genre, even to this day, you need to play Silent Hill 2 on the Silent Hill HD Collection.

Key Features
  • Two games in one
  • Multiple endings
  • An iconic horror location and franchise
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Unrelenting isolation and dread
  • Wonky controls only add to the helplessness
  • A dark and twisted plot that is sure to please horror fans
  • Graphics and overall gameplay feels a little dated now

Another game that nails the horror atmosphere while giving more action-oriented gameplay, Alan Wake is a masterclass on mood. Of all the game’s exceptional qualities (of which there are many), the way it builds tension and atmosphere in the environment is incredible, and blew critics and audiences away when it was first released.

The game is heavily influenced by horror pop culture, most notably Stephen King. The game even begins by directly quoting him. Combine that with nods to other classic works and tv shows like Twin Peaks, and you have a game just dripping with subtext fans of the genre can dig into.

In the game, you play as Alan Wake (surprising, we know). Wake is a best selling thriller writer, but he has suffered from severe writer’s block for the past several years. To help combat this, he and his wife Alicedecide to take a vacation to the small town of Bright Falls, Washington. However, things quickly go wrong for the couple, and Alan is separated from Alice. After waking up a week later, he must find out what happened to her as the events of his latest novel - a book he does not remember writing - unfold around him.

The game also has a unique combat mechanic. Enemies in the game are taken over by a mysterious darkness that makes them impervious to harm. Players have to shine flashlights and other light-based weapons to make them weak to attacks. It is a great way to change up the otherwise straightforward action sequences, and it adds to the game’s spooky atmosphere.

Key Features
  • Stephen King and pop culture inspired story
  • Unique light based combat
  • Interesting day/night gameplay loops
  • Genre: Horror
  • Mode: Single player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Remedy Entertainment
  • A tight and engaging narrative
  • Impressive and haunting visuals for the era
  • An excellent blend of action and horror
  • While gameplay is unique, it is also pretty stale

Horror games are a unique genre for video games. They aren’t as popular or as frequent as games in the shooter genre, but they don't occupy the same space as indie titles. Regardless, when a horror game works, it really works. Video games are the perfect medium to tell immersive and pulse-pounding stories. Whether they are build a sense of dread through environment or shock you with graphic violence, quality horror games are guaranteed to provoke a reaction.

But what exactly makes something the best horror game? Let’s look at a few elements and gameplay mechanics that are unique to the genre, and which are consistently found in our picks for the best horror games.


This is probably one of the most important elements of any horror game. For these titles to be effective - for any game really - they have to draw you into the experience. This is called immersion. It is effectively losing your sense of self while you are engaged with something or engaging in suspension of disbelief. If you are playing a game and thinking about what to make for dinner in the back of your mind, you aren’t immersed in the game.

The way horror games do this is usually through atmosphere. That’s the sense of dread and fear the game produces through the environment. Atmosphere is dimly lit rooms you know something is in. It’s the footsteps you hear in the floor above you. It’s the slow build of strings as you approach a door you know you’re not supposed to open. All of this adds to the sense of isolation and danger that makes horror games great. The best of them are masterclasses in immersion.


This is a critical element for any horror game, and not one all of them nail perfectly. Horror games work because the player characters are powerless against whatever they are facing. If the players can just blast their way through whatever monstrosity stalks them, then the horror is just a motif and the game is probably just full of gross-outs (we’re looking at you DOOM 3).

The protagonists in horror games are often just normal people with no weapons or training. That means they are far more prone to death than your average video game protagonist. If they do happen to be specialists, then they are overwhelmed by the amount of horrific enemies they have to face. The sense of hopelessness is critical to making a player truly scared during the game.


Okay, big surprise. Most horror games are violent. Not all of them are, but it’s a staple of the genre even beyond video games. If you have a weak stomach, this probably isn’t the genre for you. You should be prepared for lots of corpses, dismembered limbs, and gallons upon gallons of blood. The squirmy types need not apply.


Q: What is considered the Best Horror Game of all time?

There are many great choices on the market. Ultimately, which one is considered the ultimate best is up to you. Most people will agree that those listed above certainly make the list of the best on the market. However, which one is the ultimate best? That is subjective depending on the person playing. Please give them a go and see what you think. You will not be disappointed in any of them.

Q: What makes a good horror game?

A good horror game should meet three-pillar points. First, there should be what's called player isolation. This will make you feel as though you are underpowered, and you should feel overwhelmed when you are playing the game is the second—lastly, the need to outlast becomes the driving force of the game. If your horror games meet these three pillars, you are achieving optimal gameplay.

Q: What is one of the scariest games to play?

A lot of debate went into this, and the general agreement was the Amnesia series was among the scariest games to play. This game meets all the criteria of a horror game. To play this game is to be chased by the most unimaginably scary monster with absolutely no defense. The bare pretense of the game is survival. You need to figure out how to live in horror. However, once again, it is up to you to decide.

Q: Are horror games better to play alone or multiplayer?

Ultimately, whether you like to play horror games alone or with friends is up to you. However, most agree that playing these games alone is generally a bit scarier than with a friend. It would be best if you decided how scared you want to be when playing horror games. If you enjoy a bit of camaraderie when playing, you can play some multiplayer games. Be aware that not all games are designed for more than one player at a time.

Q: What is the best horror game for beginners?

There are a few games that meet the criteria for the best horror games for beginners. Ultimately, you want one that isn't too complicated and has clear expectations. Knowing what is expected of you is more accessible than having to figure it out while dying multiple times. If you are playing for survival, you should be able to pick up the best places to hide and resources reasonably quickly.

We hope you like the items we recommend! CBR has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

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