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In the matter of four years, the Nintendo Switch has managed to put together an impressive library of games. Luckily for those who find themselves increasingly stuck at home, several of the best Nintendo Switch games support multiplayer. There are two types of multiplayer experiences. Local multiplayer entails playing with others in the same room. This does not require an Internet connection. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the best multiplayer Switch games. Due to lackluster online servers, Ultimate is best played locally, as are many of the best multiplayer games for Nintendo Switch.

The second multiplayer experience, as you may have guessed, is online multiplayer. In this case, an internet connection is required. Online multiplayer is a great way to stay connected with your friends without leaving the house. Some of the best multiplayer Switch games excel at online multiplayer. Racing masterpiece Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is but one great example. Interestingly enough online multiplayer doesn’t necessarily require gamers on your friend list. The best multiplayer Switch games also appeal to the solo gamer. Training your party of Pokémon for online battles against trainers around the world is a blast in Pokémon Sword.

Without further ado, here are the best multiplayer Switch games in 2020.

Luigi deserves his time in the spotlight. There isn’t a better time to play Luigi’s Mansion 3 what with spooky season right around the corner. Luigi takes on the role of ghost hunter as players are tasked with exploring a haunted mansion. The single player mode has a ton to offer. A well-developed campaign will keep you entertained for hours. Once that is complete players can dive into multiplayer.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 supports local and online multiplayer. Playing with friends locally and witnessing their frightened reactions is a ton of fun however the convenience of online multiplayer is unmatched. There is a decent amount of gameplay variety. Players can choose to play cooperatively and complete tasks together or they can opt for a competitive mode where teams are pitted against each other.

Up to eight players can enjoy the spooky mansion at one time. Although the cooperative play is extremely fun, the real joy is racing against your friends in competitive modes where players must discover all hidden ghosts on randomly generated levels. Nintendo deserves credit for level design. If it weren’t for excellent level design that provides a welcome change of pace to gameplay, this game would be at risk of getting stale quite quickly.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is extremely welcoming to newcomers. Gamers who haven’t played its predecessors need not worry. The controls are easy to master and accessible for new players.

Key Features
  • Luigi's iconic vacuum
  • Gooigi doppelganger
  • Ghost hunting
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Cooperative and competitive multiplayer
  • Accesible controls
  • Level design
  • Up to eight players
  • Multiplayer lacks depth

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a uniquely satisfying gaming experience. It’s safe to say that this game is not for everyone. It is an extremely laid back and casual gaming experience. However don’t let that distract you from the fact that developing your community is incredibly entertaining.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Animal Crossing is a social simulation game. Anyone with a creative imagination is going to love this game. The player customizes a character for this adventure. After moving to a deserted island, the player is tasked with exploring the island and subsequently developing a civilized community.

Animal Crossing’s freedom of gameplay is quite similar to Minecraft’s. There is no linear path to follow. This is a great thing for gamers who do not enjoy being told what or how to explore. Once again there is no great battle to be won or objective to complete. The fun comes from living a virtual life. Players can collect items and materials. These materials such as wood can be used to craft objectives. For example collecting wood can lead to the crafting of a new table for your virtual home.

The customization options are Animal Crossing’s greatest strength. This encompasses a ton of areas. For one, there are several unique ways to customize your character. From facial expression to clothes the possibilities are endless. In addition this game supports both online and local multiplayer. Online multiplayer is a fully fleshed out experience. Inviting friends to your island to witness what you’ve created is a pleasing experience. Up to eight players can visit an island at one time. Visiting your islands can provide inspiration for decorating your own.

Key Features
  • Second best selling game on the Switch
  • Returning characters
  • Frequent holiday themed updates
  • Genre: Social simulation
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Creative possibilities
  • Customization options
  • Vibrant and colorful
  • Open world exploration
  • Slow pace
  • Does not appeal to everyone

Minecraft has been around since 2009. The game originated on PC and quickly expanded to include console play. During the summer of 2017 it found its way on the Nintendo Switch. Minecraft is the best selling game of all time therefore gamers owe it to themselves to at the very least try it out. Those who give it a shot are not likely to give it up so easy.

Minecraft is at its best when playing with friends. Thanks to the online multiplayer this is extremely easy to do. Minecraft’s gameplay is some of the most innovative you’ll ever see. It revolutionized the idea of a video game by not necessarily having an objective. In Minecraft you don’t play against an opponent or race against the clock. You can interact with the in game world in whatever way you choose. This offers true gameplay freedom. The ability to decide how to play is fantastic.

The Minecraft open world is made of objects. Objects are made of blocks. Players are encouraged to break down and build up the world environment. This mechanic is called mining. For example if a player finds diamond as a material they can craft an incredibly durable diamond sword. Minecraft relies on addictive gameplay and charm to attract players. Cutting edge high definition graphics are not part of the equation.

Exploration is a key part of the Minecraft experience. There is an endless amount of territory to discover. Users can decide whether to play in first person or third person view. This is yet another great customization option. There are some differences between the traditional Minecraft versions and the Switch version. For example the added content is different. The Switch offers users an appropriately branded and console exclusive Super Mario Pack.

In game audio is the final piece of the puzzle. The original music is a blend of peaceful and relaxing harmonies. Although the sound effects truly steal the show. The in game sound effects are instantly recognizable and greatly appreciated by fans of the game.

Key Features
  • Unique art style
  • Exploration gameplay
  • Mining
  • Genre: Sandbox, survival
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E10+
  • Publisher: Mojang Studios
  • Gameplay freedom
  • Neverending experience
  • Accessible controls
  • Sound effects
  • Repetetive gameplay

For many years mainline Pokémon games have been released exclusively on portable Nintendo devices. Pokémon Sword and Shield were the first mainline games set to release on a home console. This is quite a significant shift considering the Pokémon Company is nearly 25 years old. Expectations were justifiably high. It is these high expectations that lead to a disaster prior to release. The game caused massive controversy when fans received the news of a limited Pokédex. Gamers expected the biggest Pokémon experience yet considering the home console platform. They received the opposite.

This controversy and public dilemma did not hinder game sales. Pokémon Sword and Shield already rank near the top in terms of best selling games in the franchise. Although Nintendo fell short of expectations in certain areas, they pushed the boundaries of the game forward in several others. The eighth generation of Pokémon innovated the way we interact with in game creatures. Nintendo emphasized semi open world gameplay. This portion is known as the Wild Area. In the Wild Area catching a variety of Pokémon is a simple task. Pokémon are now capable of traversing the landscape in visible 3D form. This feature is integrated extremely smoothly. It’s a shame there aren’t more Pokémon to discover what with this new encounter dynamic.

The next new feature was rather hit or miss. This battle feature titled "Dynamax," makes it so the player can increase the size and stats of a Pokémon for three turns during a battle. It can only be used once a battle. This was seen as nothing more than a cheap gimmick. Previous generations introduced fan favorite battle mechanics like Mega Evolutions and Z-moves. Dynamax did fall short of the mark however version exclusive gym leaders turned out to be a decent inclusion that debuted in Sword and Shield.

For many players, this game is saved by an online mode with a ton of depth. Hardcore fans were displeased by the solo campaign’s difficulty level. Anyone who played a Pokémon game in the past can breeze through the story in less than 20 hours. On the flipside this game is fantastic for newcomers due to its forgiving nature. Luckily the fun doesn’t stop when you beat the game. Thanks to a fantastic online ranked battle system, players have a reason to jump back into the game. Catching more Pokémon and training them for online battles is extremely satisfying.

Key Features
  • First mainline game to appear on home console
  • Online ranked battles
  • 3D interactive animation
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E
  • Publisher: The Pokémon Company, Nintendo
  • Ranked system balances opponent skill level
  • Wild area
  • Welcoming for newcomers
  • Original music
  • Too forgiving
  • Disappointing graphics
  • Lack of Pokémon

Splatoon 2 is one of the best selling Switch games available. For many this game was a blessing when the Switch first released. The console had few excellent launch titles and Splatoon 2’s July 2017 release made it a fantastic option. Thanks to Splatoon 2’s quality gameplay, many gamers who might not have otherwise experienced this franchise got the chance to appreciate it.

Splatoon 2 is a third person shooter. Nonetheless it cannot be compared to any game of the past. The gameplay is quite innovative. Nintendo is not necessarily known for the development of shooter games however this charming title is not your quintessential shooter. For starters, players control a character from one of two species. Users can opt for an Inkling or Octoling. These anthropomorphic creatures can switch from human form to squid form in an instant. As a squid, players can swim through ink and replenish their ammunition.

In the most popular mode titled Turf War, two teams of four are placed on a multiplayer map in which players are tasked with covering the area with ink. Due to the different colored ink and objective at hand, the game is extremely colorful and the art style truly pops on screen. This game is at its best in multiplayer mode. Once again teams of four are meant to face off against each other online.

There are different types of weapons depending on play style preference. The weapons have varying attributes that allow you to control the map in different ways. This adds an extra layer of strategy to multiplayer action. Ensuring you have a balanced team is one step toward victory. The inclusion of a ranked mode is great for players who wish to take the game to the next level. The multiplayer experience is near perfect. The one issue arises in relation to matchmaking. It may take some time to find a ranked match and waiting in lobbies is no fun.

Key Features
  • Territory control
  • Anthropomorphic creatures
  • Downloadable content
  • Genre: Third-person shooter
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E10+
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Strategic elements based on balanced teams
  • Weapon variety
  • Colorful
  • Ranked online play
  • Matchmaking issues

The Mario Party series has been around for a long time. The first game made its debut on the Nintendo 64. Super Mario Party is the eleventh game of the series and the first to appear on the Nintendo Switch. The game’s local multiplayer mode is one of the most entertaining party game experiences available to gamers. Nothing can replicate the fun of navigating the board game against your friends.

The local multiplayer supports four-player gameplay. This is a touch underwhelming and quite restrictive of a modern game. The four players can choose to play against each other and race to see who collects the most stars while navigating the board. The other option is a team-based mode where two teams of two players face off against each other to tackle the same goal.

Players must begin by choosing a character. All of Nintendo’s lovable characters make an appearance. There are 20 playable characters to choose from including Bowser, Waluigi and Princess Peach. Players take turns rolling a dice and moving across a traditional board game. Depending on where the players land, different actions can be taken. Minigames are of great importance. This is how players compete against each other to earn coins. The entertainment factor of playing Super Mario Party can be found within the minigames.

As previously mentioned local multiplayer offers the full gaming experience. For the first time Nintendo has integrated an online multiplayer mode. However this is a truly disappointing experience. It is a shallow representation of what this game has to offer. Essentially there is no board game mode when playing multiplayer. Players are restricted to playing minigames online. Playing minigames without a board to traverse and coins to earn defeats the purpose. Without a competitive edge these minigames are not a standalone experience.

Key Features
  • Eleventh game of the series
  • First Mario Party with online features
  • Virtual board game
  • Genre: Party
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Local multiplayer minigames are a blast
  • Roster of Nintendo characters
  • Free for all or two vs. two
  • Shallow online multiplayer
  • Only up to four players

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most popular titles the Switch has seen to date. The pre release anticipation was incredible to witness. Fortunately the game lives up to and in certain areas exceeds high expectations. This game is near perfect. When it boils down to it there is only one unforgivable issue. This issue occurs when playing online multiplayer matches. During these matches it is extremely common to experience lag. This is due to the structure of Nintendo’s servers. Playing a game that relies on input speed and reaction time with poor online connection defeats the purpose. Even for those who opt for a wired Ethernet connection, lag is inevitable.

The good news is that this doesn’t completely destroy the multiplayer experience. Local multiplayer is this game’s strongest aspect. The game is at its peak when playing with friends or family locally. This iteration of Super Smash Bros. offers decent game mode variety. There are a few modes that serve as efficient changes of pace when looking to play alone. Practice mode is great for training and improving at the game.

In addition those looking to improve have access to an incredible amount of online videos that highlight tips and tricks. The depth of skill is indeed vast. Beginners can have massive amounts of fun playing with wild rule sets that include items, stage hazards and the incredibly satisfying final smashes. Hardcore players are also rewarded for practicing and improving. There is a ton of character specific tech to learn.

Speaking of characters, the roster is absolutely packed. For the first time ever, all of the characters from past Super Smash Bros. titles are available for in game use. Ultimate also introduces six new characters to the fight. That’s not all; Nintendo has also released 8 new characters via downloadable content. With four fighters slated to release in the near future, the expected grand total reaches a whopping number of 81. With 81 characters to choose from, there is certainly something to enjoy for everyone.

Key Features
  • Controller variety
  • Extensive Nintendo music library
  • Various game modes
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E10+
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Great downloadable content
  • Excellent use of colors and lighting
  • Deep character roster
  • Local multiplayer is a fantastic experience
  • Highly accessible and welcoming
  • Online connection is poor

Overcooked 2 is not exclusive to the culinary expert. Any fan of food simulators will definitely want to try this game however it offers a ton of fun to all gamers. This game answers the question how chaotic can a kitchen get? Between gathering ingredients, preparing dishes and coordinating with your teammates things can get wild.

Once again players can play local or online multiplayer. This is a great option to have. What with more individuals at home in recent times players with large families can have a blast with local multiplayer. On the flipside connecting with friends online has never been easier. Up to four players can team up both locally and online. In other circumstances the restriction of four players would be disappointing. However this already chaotic environment cannot justify the inclusion of more than four players.

Level design is what makes this game so fun to play. The developers truly flexed their creative muscles. Preparing meals varies greatly depending on your environment. If you expected to peacefully cook meals in a kitchen you’re in for a surprise. For example one of the levels entails two players preparing a meal on separate wooden life rafts as they barrel their way downstream. The moving platforms increase the difficulty, especially in terms of chef movement.

Fortunately a new dynamic introduced in this sequel makes mastering your environment a touch easier. Take the moving set of logs on a river for example. With the new “throw” mechanic, players can throw ingredients and food to each other without physically moving. This new mechanic increases cooperation and allows players to move freely.

Key Features
  • Active moving levels
  • 2 for 1 game bundle
  • Up to four players
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E
  • Publisher: Team 17
  • Creative level design
  • New throw mechanic
  • Must adapt to chaotic unpredictability
  • Wacky soundtrack
  • No voice chat hinders cooperative gameplay

Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth title in the popular role-playing series. At the time of its release, Monster Hunter Rise was a Nintendo Switch exclusive. This is quite a rare feature for a Monster Hunter game seeing as they have always found a home on Sony consoles. Although a PC version of the game is set to release in 2022.

Sometimes, a video game series doesn’t require massive innovation to succeed. There is an immense amount of pressure on developers to bring something new to the table. However, Monster Hunter Rise is proof that when a formula works, it may be best to stick to that. Players operate as a hunter whose mission is to capture or defeat monsters.

One of the best aspects of Monster Hunter Rise is the use of the utility. Using the right weapons in the correct situation is a skill that develops over time. As you continue to play you’ll harness all of your tools and items to perfection. The multiplayer mode consists of a group of hunters teaming up to take down monsters. You can operate as a group of up to four hunters.

Monster Hunter must be praised for its dynamic camera movement. There’s no denying that the battlefield can get hectic at times. Especially when playing multiplayer in groups of four. However, thanks to the movement mechanics and excellent camera you’ll be able to keep an eye on all of the action.

Of course, we cannot forget the monster design which is the most appealing factor of the series. The developer team has outdone themselves this time. The unique design of the monsters is a joy to behold.

Key Features
  • 4 player parties
  • 14 weapon types
  • Many post-launch content updates
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: T
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Monster design
  • Excellent mobility and camera controls
  • Maximizes use of weapons and tools
  • Accessible to new players
  • Frame rate can drop when things get hectic

The fighting game category has long been dominated by the Super Smash Bros franchise. It’s only natural that a contending fighting game would be backed by a massively popular franchise in Power Rangers. Power Rangers games have been developed in the past however none have been as popular as Battle for the Grid.

The game’s greatest strength is its stellar mechanics. Much of the game’s success is owed to hardcore fans of this title. It isn't exactly the most accessible to newcomers. This is great news for experienced fighting game players. The mechanics that can be mastered provide the game with incredible depth. In essence, the core of the game is excellent while its outer shell can use some serious tune-ups.

The graphics are outdated for a modern game. In addition, the sound effects and overall sound design leave a lot to be desired. If you love 2D fighting games you’re most likely going to enjoy Battle for the Grid despite its aesthetic flaws.

The developers truly understood that the lovable characters would act as the backbone of the game. Playing as your favorite rangers is a true blast from the past. Each player will select three fighters for a match. Players on your team can assist in the fighting from the sidelines or tag in on the action. Once again the mechanics are this game’s shining light. Expert players will spend a ton of time mastering their mix-ups. Mix-ups are an essential part of online fighting games. Mix-ups are the best way to throw your opponent off guard.

Key Features
  • 2D fighting game
  • Power Rangers franchise
  • Tag battle system
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: T
  • Publisher: nWay
  • Fluid gameplay mechanics
  • Directional combo system
  • Nostalgic characters
  • Appeals to hardcore fighting game fans
  • No voice acting
  • Bare training mode
  • Does not impress visually

Although not technically considered a launch title, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe released a few short months after the Nintendo Switch. For this reason, it remains an incredibly popular gaming experience for those who purchased the Switch early. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is an updated and enhanced version of the Wii U’s Mario Kart 8.

Updated graphics is but one of the enhanced features. Truly this game looks fantastic in 1080p. The game also looks great in handheld mode. The characters, colorful tracks and shiny karts are each imbued with such personality. This brings us to the next enhanced feature, which is the inclusion of all previous downloadable content. The game features an extensive list of characters, vehicles and tracks. This is further increased by the inclusion of downloadable content from the get to. A list of 42 characters is extremely adequate for a racing game.

Customization options impact gameplay. This is a great thing. Depending on the vehicle type, wheels and glider each combination produces a different racing style. There is a decent amount of strategy involved. The weight, power and speed of racers must also be taken into consideration.

There are a ton of game modes to jump into. There are five battle themed game modes where speed isn’t necessarily going to help you. These are incredibly fun to play with friends via local multiplayer. Online races are supremely satisfying. Racing against others is a wonderful challenge that will leave you with that “one more game” mentality.

Key Features
  • 48 courses
  • Awesome items
  • 42 characters
  • Genre: Kart racing
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Customization options
  • Strategic elements
  • Graphics
  • Handheld play is smooth
  • Several excellent game modes
  • Lack of online improvements from Mario Kart 8

Super Mario Maker 2 is a must own Switch game. When its predecessor released, the idea behind the game shocked players around the world. Super Mario Maker 2 brings the same level of excitement and improves on the original in every possible way. What makes this game great is the fact that it relies on an incredibly passionate community to function. This game allows players to build their own Super Mario levels.

Players are tasked with creating their own custom Mario levels. Individuals have all of the tools to succeed. Players can build levels using themes from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario 3D World. These are the five themes available to players. Depending on the theme, different level designs are available. This is a game that truly thrives due to multiplayer. The community creates levels. Once levels are created they are playable for other gamers online.

The creativity on display is beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. There are a wide variety of levels to dive into. In fact some would say there is a never-ending amount. Players can sink countless hours into this game and still always discover new levels. There are easy levels, tricky levels and expert levels.

There are a few game modes to discover. Players can enjoy local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer. Therefor the online experience has a ton of depth. Not only can you attempt to complete an infinite amount of courses, you can also race against three other players to see who completes the course first. The online competitive mode is ranked therefore you can only play against players of the same skill level. Unfortunately Super Mario Maker 2 is prone to excessive amounts of lag when competing against other players. Oftentimes this completely ruins the competitive mode.

Key Features
  • Never ending amount of levels to discover
  • Five Mario themes to choose from
  • Ranked online play
  • Genre: Level-editor, platform
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Level design creativity
  • Classic Mario music
  • Tools for level creation
  • Level creation tutorial
  • Varying difficulty levels
  • Lag tends to ruin online competitive mode

Multiplayer allows individuals to get the most out of games. Oftentimes players will discover what multiplayer has to offer after completing the single-player mode. In essence multiplayer is what allows gamers to come back for more even after the game is complete. It is a truly wonderful feature that allows players to face off against friends, strangers or tackle solo play.

Game Modes

Offering multiple game modes helps keep the experience feeling fresh day after day. Multiplayer games are often played with or against others. This dynamic experience in which players change from game to game already keeps the gameplay from feeling stale. Once different game modes are added to the mix the whole dynamic changes once more.

Take Splatoon 2 for example. Thanks to the territory conquering gameplay no two matches will feel similar. Splatoon 2 also boasts a wide set of game modes. Turf War, Splat Zones and Control the Tower are all vastly different from one another. If a player gets bored of one game mode, that person can quickly jump into another and discover what it has to offer. This change of pace is essential to keeping gamers interested long term.


If you’re looking to play online multiplayer an adequate Internet connection is necessary. However, even a strong Internet connection can’t always save the day. Nintendo is notorious for lackluster online servers. It isn’t a certainty, however several titles on this list display extremely lag filled online multiplayer gameplay. This effect can truly hinder a game’s potential. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the best games currently available on the console. However the game excels when played in local multiplayer mode. The game isn’t as valuable to those who live alone or don’t have people to play with locally. Those who purchase the game for the online multiplayer experience will be severely disappointed. It is all about matching a game’s strengths to your multiplayer tendencies.

Replay value

As previously mentioned multiplayer modes are what extend a game’s lifespan. Players will continue to play multiplayer long after a solo campaign is completed. For gamers this can be called replay value. How often can a game make you come back after it is complete? Pokémon Sword is the prime example of a multiplayer experience completely enhancing a game’s potential.

For experienced gamers who have played several Pokémon titles, Sword was rather disappointing. The solo campaign was far too easy and could be beat by most in less than 15 hours. Luckily the depth of online ranked battles keeps the hardcore fans engaged. Catching Pokémon and training them for competitive play is a grueling process. The ranked system is also executed perfectly. Climbing the ladder and increasing your rank as you win battles is extremely satisfying.


Q: Does the Nintendo Switch have an online service?

The Nintendo Switch’s online service is appropriately titled Nintendo Switch Online or NSO for short. Microsoft paved the way for subscription-based online services and many video game companies have followed suit. Luckily for Switch owners, Nintendo’s online service is the cheapest on the market. There are three individual membership options to choose from. You can purchase one month of online services for $3.99, 3 months for $7.99, or a 12-month option for $19.99. These different subscription tiers make it easy for buyers to choose the option that best suits their needs. In addition, the service comes with a ton of added content. Players who purchase NSO have access to over 90 classic NES and SNES games. Even though it’s one of the most affordable online services around, it comes with a ton of valued content.

Q: What is the difference between online and local multiplayer?

Casual gamers often confuse the two terms. In fact, the difference between the two is often misconstrued by veteran gamers as well. Contrary to popular belief a game does not need to have online functionality to be considered a multiplayer experience. Multiplayer defines a game or game mode in which more than one player can play at the same time. Local multiplayer occurs when players are playing on the same console within the same room. This term is also known as couch multiplayer. Proximity is required for local multiplayer. Online multiplayer defines a game that can be played between two or more people who are operating on separate consoles. Mario Kart 8 is one of the best multiplayer Switch games because it has both local and online multiplayer.

Q: Are Pokemon Sword and Shield multiplayer games?

Although Pokemon games began on the Gameboy they have developed over the years. Pokemon games of the past were primarily solitary gaming experiences. Yet, the Pokemon company has always urged players to play together. We’ve seen efforts in the past to create accessories such as the link cable that would connect two Gameboys for battle or trading. Luckily for Pokemon fans nowadays, online accessibility has made playing Pokemon with friends much easier. Although the main campaign of Pokemon Sword and Shield is played in single-player mode, the game offers online features for people around the world to connect for trades and battle. In fact, the online ranked battle system makes Pokemon Sword one of the best multiplayer Switch games around.

Q: Do I need to buy anything extra to play with friends and family?

If you’re looking to play online multiplayer against friends and family then the most likely answer to this question is no. The Nintendo Switch comes with two joy-cons. Right off the bat, you can play certain games with one other friend or family member. Unfortunately, there have been numerous claims denouncing the quality of Nintendo’s joy-cons and controllers. They are notorious for breaking down quickly. Thus, it is always a great idea to purchase an additional controller or two. It’s a shame that Nintendo cannot make their controller product more sturdy, however the company has always been focused on pushing a ton of accessories onto its fanbase. Of course, if your main focus is to play online multiplayer, you may not need to purchase additional controllers.

Q: What does Mario Kart 8 Deluxe multiplayer consist of?

Luckily for Mario Kart fans who enjoy variety, there are a few different multiplayer modes to choose from. Up to four players can race against each other on one Nintendo Switch console. This is also known as local multiplayer. Online play consists of taking on gamers from around the world. Once again each of these categories has several modes to choose from including classic races and battles races. You may think of Mario Kart as a simple racing game but it’s this varied gameplay that makes it one of the best multiplayer Switch games ever made.

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