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The best RPG games, around nearly as long as video games themselves, are diverse in both theme and style. The genre may have deeply rooted ties in fantasy, but that’s not all this genre has to offer. Rather, the RPG genre ranges in gameplay, setting, and themes, with the best RPGs exhibiting fine-tuned gameplay, memorable settings, and resonating themes.

The best RPG games are excellent at blending multiple gameplay styles into one immersive experience. As long as the RPG fundamentals of decision-making, exploring, and leveling up remain intact, there is limitless potential within the genre. What with the heavy reliance on third person shooter gameplay, Mass Effect 2 is but one great example when it comes to the multifaceted nature of the best RPG games.

The Witcher series is based on fantasy novels of the same name written by Andrzej Sapkowski. Due to the popularity of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a Netflix television series starring Henry Cavill premiered in 2019. With such a popular franchise producing content in various forms there is bound to be a lot to like within this game. For some, this game is considered one of the greatest video games of all time. Much of this praise is related to the incredible world building on display. The Witcher 3 succeeds in providing an expansive world that captivates the player by its scope and size.

The massive open world syncs up perfectly with the gameplay, which encourages exploration. As the famed Geralt, the player is tasked with finding a girl named Ciri. This search leads Geralt across various lands where he must explore, meet allies and make decisions. The decisions that are made heavily impact the game moving forward. Player choices shape and change the narrative making every playthrough unique from player to player. Dialogue and decisions are two methods by which this change occurs. A dialogue wheel allows players to pick from responses.

Gameplay is highly entertaining and earns the title of action role-playing game. A third person view is used to control Geralt’s actions and interact with the game world. In addition to several movement actions such as running, jumping and swimming there are several ways Geralt can take on enemies. Geralt wields an arsenal of weapons for physical attacks. While magical attacks are also useful in taking down powerful enemies. The RPG elements are smoothly integrated. As Geralt defeats enemies and performs tasks his level will rise. This sense of progression helps keep the game feeling fresh.

Key Features
  • Fantasy world with loads of depth
  • Unique characters
  • Day-night cycle
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: Mature
  • Publisher: CD Projekt
  • Large world to explore
  • Exploration heavy
  • Decisions impact story
  • Third person controls are fluid
  • Sense of progression
  • Some gameplay bugs related to motion
  • Disappointing conclusion

Chrono Trigger may be one of the oldest entries on this list however there is nothing outdated about this gaming experience. Chrono Trigger is developed by the same minds that brought us the famed Final Fantasy series. It’s no surprise that yet another RPG franchise of theirs would receive widespread acclaim. The game was first released on the SNES in 1995. Today the most accessible version of the game is the Nintendo DS port.

The gameplay contains standard RPG elements. A 2D world is navigated via a top down view of the map. If an enemy appears in the over world simply make contact to trigger a battle. The battling system uses hit points and stats to dictate the flow. If a character’s hit points reach zero they faint. If a member of your party faints the game must be restarted from a previous save point. This gives the game a high level of difficulty seeing as players must ensure that their party remains healthy throughout the journey. Players can equip items and accessories to increase stats. This leads to a simple battle system that players can easily grasp.

The three main attractions when it comes to Chrono Trigger are graphics, plot and sound. Upon release the graphics were praised for being way ahead of their time. Furthermore legendary Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama heads the art and character design. His wonderfully iconic art style is brought to life with fantastic graphics. The plot includes time travel elements. Traditionally time travel is a red flag due to overly complex plot details. Thankfully this game keeps it relatively simple and uses time travel to enhance the highly original plot. Finally the music provided unprecedented levels of quality. Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda the Chrono Trigger soundtrack is believed to have changed the landscape of video game music for the better.

Key Features
  • Art by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball)
  • Time travel plot
  • Nintendo DS port
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: Everyone 10+
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Character design
  • Part of video game history
  • Incredible soundtrack
  • Appropriate difficulty
  • Original time travel plot
  • New additions fall short of original standard
  • Overshadowed by Final Fantasy

Often considered the best installment of the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect 2 changed the landscape of video game storytelling. This game practically plays like a major motion picture. This is a testament to how grand the storytelling and characters are. Mass Effect 2 is the game credited for popularizing a choice based narrative otherwise known as interactive storytelling.

Each decision you make as the protagonist has an impact on the story as well as the surrounding characters. As the captain of a ship your mission is to investigate an alien species called the Collectors. This sci-fi epic has many trademark story elements of a classic space oriented plot. As the leader of the ship the protagonist has the opportunity to recruit new members. This is where the diverse cast of characters comes into play. Not only do the characters span several alien species, almost all of them are well written. The characters are not treated as afterthoughts; the player is able to empathize with every single supporting character. This is due to excellent writing as well as fantastic voice acting.

The emphasis on character development leads to an emotionally charged narrative. You will certainly feel the weight of every decision. The dialogue choice and decision-making are vital to how the story plays out. This makes social interaction a key element of this game. Graphics are gritty and dark which perfectly match the sinister mood of Mass Effect 2. Whether it’s the glow of neon lights or the light texture of raindrops each detail is executed to perfection. The RPG elements are a touch disappointing. To make the game as accessible as possible the developers stripped down the RPG mechanics deciding to instead emphasize third person shooting.

Key Features
  • Epic sci-fi adventure
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Diverse cast of characters
  • Genre: Action role-playing, third person shooter
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: Mature
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Every decision is significant
  • Recruiting allies is a joy
  • Incredible voice acting
  • Well written characters
  • Gritty graphic textures and lighting
  • Smooth shooting mechanics
  • RPG elements are too basic

As the fifth game in The Elder Scrolls franchise Skyrim has a lot to prove. Although it is not necessary to have played previous games even though this is a direct sequel. The gameplay depth on display is bound to impress. The expansiveness does not stop there. Highly detailed gameplay is not the only sizeable trait on display. The setting and countless hours of playtime are some of the most robust features you will ever see in a video game. There is no denying that playing through Skyrim is a massive commitment. This may not appeal to some who lack the time. Those ready to commit will be rewarded with an incredible video game experience.

To nobody’s surprise this game took home game of the year back in 2011. In this fantasy world, Bethesda does not shy away from content. In fact, the player is drowned in content. The player is tasked with traversing a vast territory all while ranking up various abilities. This exhibits classic elements of role-playing games. As the game progresses the player gains access to better, abilities and equipment. The countless fantasy elements from dungeons to magic are sure to make any fan of the genre gleam with joy.

For a game released in 2011, the graphics are superb. The game must render several unique environments and still it remains stunning in every possible way. The game looks gorgeous. The ability to choose how to play is what makes this game so unique. The lack of linear gameplay completely makes it so each individual playthrough will vary from the next. The player in a sense molds the narrative. This takes open world gameplay to the next level. The journey is entirely up to you. To wrap things up, the medieval themed soundtrack perfectly fits Skyrim’s aesthetic.

Key Features
  • Fantasy influence
  • Jaw dropping open world exploration
  • Detailed combat system
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: Mature
  • Publisher: Bethesda Studios
  • Stunning visuals
  • Emphasis on exploring gorgeous environment
  • Non linear path leads to unique experiences
  • Balanced progression through leveling
  • Fully integrated fantasy lore
  • Gaming commitment of countless hours

As the first home console entry since Radiant Dawn’s release in 2007, expectations were justifiably high for the Fire Emblem franchise. Fans of strategy role playing games will be glad to hear that this entry blew those high expectations out of the water. Extremely well received by critics and gamers, Fire Emblem Three Houses boasts a Metacritic score of 89. If this wasn’t enough indication, the game also received recognition by being nominated for several major awards. Eventually winning Best Strategy game at The Game Awards in 2019. Three Houses built on every aspect that make Fire Emblem games so fun all while introducing new innovative elements to further enhance gameplay.

First and foremost the bold choice of introducing new characters paid off. We’ve seen the franchise constantly return to beloved characters over the years. However the choice to omit returning characters gave the game a refreshing feel. The player takes control of the protagonist named Byleth. Once at Garreg Mach Monastery, Byleth earns a position as a tutor. The player must then decide to teach one of three available factions. These houses not only change the specific students that are involved in the main campaign, it also changes the entirety of the narrative path. Each faction plays out differently and the choices you make as Byleth also impact the separate storylines. In other words the great number of unexpected outcomes make the story unpredictable. Once completing the campaign with one faction, the option to experience the remaining paths arises. In other words there is a ton of content to dissect.

The combat system and strategy elements are perhaps the most enjoyable portions of the game. Difficulty level ranges from beginner to extremely difficult. Newcomers and veterans of the franchise are both welcome. The voice acting must not be underestimated. The performances are of elite quality.

Key Features
  • Choices impact narrative
  • Immense cast of characters
  • Strategic gameplay
  • Genre: Tactical role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: Teen
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Addition of permadeath for extra challenge
  • Majority of characters display personality
  • Great replay value
  • Unpredictable story
  • Leveling up system
  • Stellar voice acting
  • Not difficult enough for experts
  • Poor graphics

Undertale represents a drastic change of pace on this list. Most of the games represented here are developed and crafted by influential game studios backed with a ton of funding. Created by indie developer Toby Fox, Undertale subverts that prevailing trend.

First and foremost Undertale’s appeal is enhanced by its incredible accessibility. This game is available on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The fact that so many gamers can enjoy this game is a wonderful thing. Once again we have a game that presents decision-based storytelling as a narrative tool. The player controls a child who has been transported into a magical world. Monsters roam free in this world.

Interacting with monsters will trigger a battle. The player can choose to kill the monster or show it mercy. The plot and progression are greatly influenced by these decisions. If you befriend monsters they can assist in your journey. On the flipside you run the risk of fainting if you don’t deal with the monster swiftly.

The writing is one of the game’s standout features. Dialogue can shift from humorous to emotional all while impacting proceedings. Each enemy encounter feels unique as the battle system changes frequently. It is difficult to describe the subtle difference however one thing is sure; this is the first RPG of its kind. If you’re looking to play a game with innovative RPG elements, this is definitely the one for you.

The visuals are somewhat disappointing. Even for a game that relies on charm to get by, the simple graphics and art need some upgrades. The music significantly contributes to this charm. The track titled Megalovania deserves the praise it has received.

Key Features
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Music composed by developer
  • Independent game developer
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: Everyone 10+
  • Publisher: Toby Fox
  • Charming aesthetic
  • Mesmerizing soundtrack
  • Platform accessibility
  • Captivating story
  • Truly unique gameplay mechanics
  • Simple visuals

Few franchises are as legendary as the Final Fantasy franchise. With a catalogue of successful games, it is no surprise that there is constant debate regarding which of the mainline games are the best. In truth gamers will likely never agree on a single installment due to the fact that so many iterations have impacted generations of gamers. What can be agreed upon are the upper echelon of Final Fantasy games. It is within this category where you would find the sixth installment of the series.

The Square Enix formula of a streamlined combat system paired with a meaningful plot and groundbreaking music strikes again. The combat system is the perfect balance of accessible and strategic. It is easy enough for newcomers to grasp with some practice and complex enough to be rewarding when utilized properly. Four characters can be used in battle. A player can use items, magic and physical attacks during battle. Once defeated characters will earn experience points which levels up certain statistics. This sense of progression is scaled perfectly as opponents increase in difficulty.

Final Fantasy VI features fourteen playable characters. Each character has a unique special ability that can be used in battle. The beautifully crafted story is a tale of rebellion against a powerful empire. The game excels at producing emotionally charged moments as the underdogs battle against an overwhelming force. The stellar music composed by Nobuo Uematsu further strikes a chord with the player. It gives proceedings a movie like quality. As a player you can’t help but be captivated by the entire package.

Key Features
  • Composed by series regular Nobuo Uematsu
  • 14 playable characters
  • Introduces unique special abilities
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: Teen
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Emotional depth of characters
  • Innovative RPG combat elements helped move genre forward
  • Perfectly balanced combat system
  • Expansive music
  • Thematically complex plot
  • Not easily accessible due to outdated console

As the first mainline Pokémon game to release on a home console the expectations for Pokémon Sword were justifiably high. Somewhat predictably the high expectations lead to much controversy. This game has its issues yet it remains a fantastic addition to the Pokémon franchise. The eighth generation introduced some interesting new elements. For example the open world zone known as the Wild Area was a great addition and something fans had desired for years. Catching a variety of Pokémon no longer seemed like a daunting task. That is if Game Freak decided to include a substantial Pokédex.

Sword and Shield was met with immense controversy prior to release. We now know these events as “Dexit”. What with impressive next gen hardware at their disposal, fans expected to catch the largest library of Pokémon to date. Instead developers Game Freak decided to significantly cut the Pokédex down to a select few. Furthermore the ability to transfer Pokémon into the game via traditional channels would not work as it usually did. The poor graphic and animation quality added to this disappointment. Game Freak had been exposed for using art and animation from generation 7’s Sun and Moon. Meanwhile, the new battle feature, titled "Dynamax," was seen as nothing more than a cheap gimmick. While previous generations introduced fan favorites like Mega Evolutions and Z-moves, it seemed like Sword and Shield would be a step in the wrong direction. Although version exclusive gym leaders did turn out to be a nice touch that debuted in Sword and Shield.

Nintendo and Game Freak did succeed in providing an enhanced online experience. Battling online proved to be the smoothest it’s ever been. With a ranked system in place, climbing the ladder is truly addictive gameplay. The original music is yet another highlight. The Galar region is based on the United Kingdom and the music perfectly encapsulates that area. The difficulty level has split fan opinion once again. While the story mode’s easy progression welcomes newcomers it certainly fails to challenge experts. Franchise veterans can complete the entire story in three days of moderate gaming.

Key Features
  • First mainline game to appear on home console
  • Online battling
  • 3D interactive Pokémon
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: Everyone
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Ranked online system offers countless hours of fun
  • Wild area
  • Welcoming for newcomers
  • Original music
  • Animation and graphics are disappointing
  • Dexit is unfortunate considering opportunity to include a large number of Pokémon

Nowadays highly-anticipated remakes are a common occurrence in the video game industry. One of the latest games to receive this treatment is the iconic Final Fantasy VII. The original game was released way back in 1997 and it is the game most people imagine when asked to think of the franchise. The highly accessible remake is available on both the PS4 and PS5.

There have been so many unforgettable Final Fantasy characters to emerge over the years. However, none have made quite the long-lasting impact as Cloud Strife has. Players take control of Cloud, the game’s protagonist as he joins a group of mercenaries tasked with saving the dystopian Midgar. Square Enix decided that the plot did not require any tweaking. Given that the original narrative is one of the strongest in the series, this was a fantastic choice. The minor plot adjustments come in the welcome form of additional side-character development.

The developers decided to focus on improving gameplay. Final Fantasy VII remake doesn’t play like your traditional turn-based RPG. It presents gamers with a much more enticing real-time gameplay experience. The battles are entertaining and require a considerable amount of quick decision-making and strategy. Controlling your party members throughout the battles is a true joy. Although Cloud is the main attraction, getting the most out of your party is satisfying.

Each party member has a unique skill set. This leaves it up to the player to decide how best to utilize each unit. Identifying an enemy's weakness and properly exploiting it is supremely rewarding.

The stellar audiovisual components exceed expectations even by Final Fantasy standards. The game’s one downside is that it only covers about 30% of the original story. Square Enix plans to release multiple titles that cover 100% of the original. Players can expect at least two more titles in the series. This may leave some individuals feeling shortchanged. On the flip-side, the multiple entries are a positive sign of how much content Square Enix is ready to give fans of the series.

Key Features
  • First game of the Final Fantasy VII remakes
  • Cloud Strife as the protagonist
  • Real-time combat system
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: T
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Develops all playable characters
  • Stunning audiovisual quality
  • Heartfelt themes
  • Nostalgic atmosphere
  • Combat system allows for excellent strategic depth
  • Only covers 30% of the original

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the perfect introduction to the Mass Effect franchise. Those who have yet to play any of the Mass Effect owe it to themselves to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This special remastered edition includes Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. Not only are you getting the opportunity to play three games for the price of one, but the critically acclaimed series is given a much-needed remaster.

Luckily, Mass Effect Legendary Edition does not exclusively appeal to those who never experienced the franchise. The three games are so excellent that even those who have experienced the original games should dive back into the Mass Effect universe.

Players can expect to encounter visual improvements. Graphics and textures have been updated to maximize visuals on modern consoles. Naturally, the original Mass Effect received the greatest boost in visual quality seeing as it is the oldest of the three games. This edition also brings forth gameplay improvements.

The two standout upgrades come in the form of more intuitive shooting mechanics as well as increased mobility and steering when in vehicles. Finally, players can also enjoy the absence of long loading screens. Loading screens have been kept to a minimum which is a great example of yet another technical upgrade.

As with most modern remakes, there was some controversy concerning the reception of some of the enhancements. Individuals have been quick to claim that the graphic improvements detract from the original game’s natural charm. Others believe that graphic improvements do not justify the price point. Ultimately the game is certainly worthwhile considering players get to enjoy three fully-fledged narratives for the price of one.

Key Features
  • Remaster of the Mass Effect Trilogy
  • Iconic Mass Effect characters
  • Three stories in one
  • Genre: Action role-playing, Third-person shooter
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: M
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Updated shooting mechanics
  • Vehicle driving feels more intuitive
  • Drastic improvement to graphics
  • Great entry point into the series
  • New and improved looks distract from the original’s charm

This remastered version of the original Dark Souls doesn’t stray from what made the game a success back in 2011. In truth the greatest difference comes via graphic quality. This updated version is 4K compatible and runs at 60 frames per second. In terms of gameplay, anyone looking for a challenging game must dive into the world of Dark Souls.

The gameplay is unforgiving. One mistake can cost your life in a boss fight. The plot is quite straightforward both in the way it is delivered and in the content. In many ways it is the archetypal fantasy world plot. It does little to distinguish itself from the standard fantasy narrative gamers have become accustomed to. In a sense the game developers were aware of this. The plot is clearly not the main attraction. The gameplay effortlessly steals the show. The open world and the third person perspective emphasize investigation.

Although the game does not implement a linear progression path, there are areas that players are meant to be cautious of. Leveling up is an important part of narrative progression. If a player enters a boss fight unprepared he’ll have to start over at a previous checkpoint. This occurs often, which allows the player to adjust his path quite quickly. Checkpoints are called bonfires. If a player rests at a bonfire he can recover health as well as certain equipment.

The combat system is intricate. If utilized properly player’s can gain an advantage over extremely difficult boss battles. Offensive and defensive melee options are used to fight. In other words physical weapons such as swords and shields can be used. The other component of the combat system is magic, which is an essential part of any fantasy RPG.

Key Features
  • Powerful enemies
  • Online multiplayer
  • HD remaster
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: Mature
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
  • Extremely unforgiving gameplay
  • Challenge will appeal to expert gamers
  • Detailed level design
  • Looks great on current generation consoles
  • Not for beginner gamers
  • Lacks narrative direction

This PlayStation 4 exclusive is a must play for owners of the console. Persona 5 Royal expands on the groundbreaking release of Persona 5 back in 2016. Persona 5 was nominated for several major awards that year, even taking home IGN’s Best RPG. Essentially everything that made Persona 5 a wonderful game is intact in Persona 5 Royal with the addition of so much more. Franchise newcomers can dive into the sixth iteration of the Persona franchise with ease. Seeing as the characters and story change with each new release, there is no need to have had played its predecessors.

This game received universal praise for its art style and graphic quality. There is so much on screen personality to take in. The art style’s overwhelming quality is an extremely strong element. The colors pop and the way each character is uniquely designed brings wonderful diversity to the cast. The in game graphics are sharp. Controlling characters in a third person view is a joy especially when they interact with the outside world. Furthermore cut scenes are implemented in anime form, which further diversifies the game’s stellar graphics.

The urban landscape is the perfect setting for highly textured environments. The battle system is yet another high quality element. As a four-person party, players take part in turn based battles. They must defeat enemies using characters that own their unique set of skills. Much of the strategy comes from utilizing your party properly. The battle menu screen is stylish and blends in perfectly with the art style. Controlling the Phantom Thieves as they wrestle with impactful themes is a true pleasure.

Key Features
  • Psychological themes
  • Character development
  • Anime art style
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Rating: Mature
  • Publisher: P-Studio
  • Soundtrack
  • Not afraid to tackle meaningful themes
  • Improves on Persona 5
  • Loads of charm and color
  • Unique animation style and graphics
  • Powerful dialogue
  • Only on PS4

Role-playing games have been around for ages. The 90's are, without a doubt, the moment in time RPG's became hugely popular. Titles such as Pokémon, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger all released during the 90’s. These legendary titles have made their way into video game history, with later RPG's challenging them as some of the best games of all-time. However, whether you'd prefer to enjoy modern classics or take a trip down memory lane, as an RPG gamer, the choice is yours.


Aesthetic features play a huge role in the success of RPG's. Due to a tendency to focus on storytelling over graphic quality, aesthetic features can make all the difference. Now this isn’t always the case. Today we see RPG's that display groundbreaking visual advancements. However more often than not RPG’s offer a streamlined gaming experience that is not concerned with eye-catching visuals.

This brings us to elements such as sound. Sound can play a huge role in creating an atmosphere. Many RPG’s rely on their ability to build a fictional world. The goal is to captivate the player via this mesmerizing new world. Music helps with world-building, which is exemplified by both Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI.


Oftentimes, RPG gameplay may look simple only to prove to be a highly complex mechanism. With slight variations, RPG gameplay has remained fundamentally unchanged throughout the years. The idea of gaining experience by defeating enemies and leveling up is a staple of RPG games. In essence, it is a tool for progression. As the game increases in difficulty, so does your character’s statistics and abilities. Of course, the opportunity to equip items are also a staple of the genre.

There is a greater variation when it comes to combat. Some games choose to implement turn based combat. Games such as Pokémon Sword and Fire Emblem: Three Houses utilize this turn-based system. This style slows the game down and places a great significance on strategy, which can offer a serious challenge to the uninitiated.

On the other hand, many RPGs offer real-time combat (not to be confused with real-time strategy). The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt implements this mechanic, which is only part of how the game came to be one of the greatest games of the past decade, as well as one of the best RPG's of all-time.

Storytelling & Charm

Storytelling is a vital component of any great RPG. As previously mentioned several RPG’s prefer to focus on captivating narrative instead of eye-catching visuals. Time and time again, games of this genre have been praised for their narrative prowess. For instance, when Final Fantasy VI released in 1994 the game was celebrated for tackling heavy topics such as war, forbidden love, genocide, and suicide. At the time, such storytelling was unprecedented.

Persona 5 Royal is proof that lack of sharp graphics isn’t always the case. There are instances where absolutely stunning visuals are paired with poignant storytelling full of depth and intrigue. This combination is what we call a masterpiece and comprises many of the games within this review.

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