Elle Learns a Shocking Truth About Her Origins

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Episode 8 "The Davis Report" and Episode 9 “Free Will,” airing on Adult Swim and now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Throughout Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Elle, a replicant, had been seeking justice for the replicants that were murdered in cold blood during an illegal Doll Hunt sponsored by the Wallace Corporation. She took to killing the people responsible, including a senator, a journalist, a doctor and even the chief of LAPD along with his wife. Elle's vengeful murders got the attention of LAPD officer Alani Davis, whose meticulous investigation risked exposing her own boss -- which scared the latter into abusing and gaslighting her.

In Episode 8, Officer Davis put two and two together and figured out her boss's connection to the illegal Doll Hunt, which is the real reason she was taken off her own case. She also finally understood what Elle meant when she said she wants to stop being hunted, and her investigation brought her to the desert containing the murdered replicants' corpses. With Davis now having a strong understanding of the situation, Elle resumes her quest for justice in Episode 9 and finally gets to the man responsible for it all: Niander Wallace Sr. himself.

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With all the Doll Hunters dead, Wallace Sr. is reasonably scared for his own safety, having lit the match that resulted in the wildfire of Elle's actions. Even though Wallace Sr. blames his son for manufacturing "defective replicants," the Doll Hunt was still his idea and Elle intends to hold him accountable. This determination allows her to successfully break into the Wallace Corporation building despite encountering Wallace’s security guards and Marlowe, the latter of whom is incapacitated by former Blade Runner, Joseph.

Despite the challenges Elle faced getting inside the Wallace building, she was able to break into Wallace's high-security penthouse with ridiculous ease. The one trial-and-error tactic she tried that surprisingly worked on the first attempt was placing her hand on the recognition screen. The reason that worked? Her handprint is the same as that of Wallace's son, Niander Wallace Jr. This has significant implications about Elle's creation, but it may have also revealed the identity of her hooded lover who gave her the black lotus tattoo in Black Lotus's flashbacks.

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In the earlier episodes of Black Lotus, Wallace Jr. expressed an obsession with creating flawless and fully obedient replicants. This is consistent with his motivation in the Blade Runner 2049 film. In Episode 9, Wallace Jr. has yet another argument with his father about the replicant program, with the latter being completely against the program for the trouble it has brought him and Wallace Jr. remaining in favor of it.

When Wallace Sr. brings up Elle as his defective "skinjob" that murdered Dr. M and is now coming for him, Wallace Jr. simply replies "sometimes the obedient find a way to control their own life." Wallace Sr. then adds how the replicant program destroyed the Tyrell Corporation because the company's owner also (wrongly) thought he could control the replicants he created. Wallace Jr. points out, "how do you expect to control nature?" and further adds, "they were meant to be the next phase of human evolution."

Given this conversation, Elle may have been Wallace Jr.’s first experiment toward his goal of human perfection. This would definitely explain why Elle manages to be both superhuman and human at the same time. It also gives Wallace Sr. a potential motivation for the Doll Hunt: it was an excuse to remove her specifically as the only “defective” replicant under his brand.

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