Bloodborne PSX Reimagines the Classic Soulslike as a PS1 Original

From Software's Bloodborne has been one of the most popular and iconic exclusives on the PlayStation 4, but Sony remains tight-lipped on the possibility of a sequel despite its loyal fanbase clamoring for a follow-up. Luckily for fans, the world of indie games has continued to deliver Bloodborne-adjacent gothic horror games that satiate the need for a sequel in the form of games like Crowsworn and The Last Faith. Now one duo of Bloodborne fans has dared to do something different with the property and imagined a world where the game was originally released way back in the era of the original PlayStation.

Bloodborne PSX is a "demake" of the Soulslike gothic action game that reimagines Bloodborne as a PlayStation 1 game, complete with period-appropriate gameplay and visuals. Its two creators, Lilith Walther and Corwyn Pritchard, have turned a love of the original game into a project of sorts and have worked on the game periodically for the last few years. However, recently the game has come together enough for the pair to announce a release early next year, and the two dropped a new trailer on Halloween to celebrate this milestone.

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The pair were originally inspired by Bloodborne demake images that surfaced online in 2015 and realized that an actual game could be made from this novel idea. Additionally, the developers also realized that due to its art style and mechanics, Bloodborne could easily transition into an early 3D action game akin to other gothic horror games of the era, such as the Nightmare Creatures series. Although the art style and design of Bloodborne still holds up today, its large gothic architecture and level design suit a transition into the limitations of the PlayStation era, and its developers capitalized on this aspect.

The fast-paced, frenetic gameplay of the original game is another facet that translates back to the '90s era of early 3D action games, which is evident in a 10-minute gameplay demo the pair released to YouTube last month. This demo, which shows off the beginning of the game, comes complete with the iconic PlayStation startup screen and tones, an added bonus for those old enough to remember. The game shows off its entertainingly simplistic character creator and its great throwback menu system reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII's blue and black windowed interface.

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When the action starts, the combat is still reliant on the tried-and-true Soulslike stamina-based mechanic, and the mechanics are fluid and well animated in a way that both serves Bloodborne as a whole and the retro aesthetic. The Hunter's Dream hub area is even brilliantly recreated in the retro style, complete with moody fog and the somber tone of the original game. Bloodborne PSX even has an original Tomb Raider-style inventory, another nod to fans of the classic PlayStation legacy the game brings to mind.

While the demake won't be a full reimagining of the original game, it will feature the first few bosses, including the Cleric Beast and the infamous player-breaking battle with Father Gascoigne, all in retro 3D glory. Although the scope will be small, the game looks to include all of Bloodborne's beloved mechanics. This includes Insight that can be used to change the world around the player and the parry system, which allows precise hits that stagger enemies, setting opponents up for massive damage in the form of counter-attacks.

For those Bloodborne fans interested in a retro version of the original game, Bloodborne PSX is aiming for a January 31 release next year. Fans can enjoy the world of the game in a new way and download this love letter to the FromSoftware classic for free and take up the hunt once again in retro fashion.

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