How Bob’s Burgers Explored Grief With Linda’s Childhood Dog

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Bob's Burgers Season 12, Episode 1, "Manic Pixie Crap Show," which aired Sunday on FOX.

Bob's Burgers has never been afraid to explore some of the more sensitive topics of life, from family infights to troubles of the heart; the Fox animated series strives to keep itself grounded and wholesome, as much as it can be. Within the Season 12 premiere of Bob's Burgers, Linda Belcher is reminded of a dog she used to play with in her childhood, thanks to an accidental package delivery. This opened up some old wounds in Linda that took Bob, Teddy and Mort to help her process.

A flower delivery man dropped off an unusual package at Bob's Burgers, an arrangement of flowers in the shape of a white dog. The man was unsure of who it was from and who it should go to, but he dropped it off inside the restaurant anyway. Upon seeing the arrangement, Linda was reminded of a neighbor dog from her childhood named Bottle Cap.

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Linda flashed back to her memories of the dog, announcing that she was who she was because of Bottle Cap, a fact Bob was unaware of. Linda also let it slip that Bottle Cap got hit by a hot dog truck and died. While this shocked Bob, Linda laughed it off before naming the arrangement "Bottle Cap 2" and talking to it as if it was a real dog while constantly assuring Bob that she knew it was just flowers.

Upon hearing the story, Teddy grew concerned and had a talk with Bob, recognizing that Linda might not have emotionally processed Bottle Cap's death and worried that once the roses wilt, Linda could fall into a deeper depression. As Linda headed off to get a bottle cap to balance on the arrangement, Mort walked in, proclaiming that it was meant for him as he was hosting a dog-themed funeral service. When Linda returned, Mort let her know the truth, which caused Linda to run into the bathroom with the arrangement, locking herself inside.

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Mort and Bob tried their best to get Linda out as Mort needed the arrangement back quickly. Mort asked Linda to pretend the arrangement was actually Bottle Cap and let out her pain onto it, professing a final goodbye and moving forward with her grief. While reluctant at first, Linda let out decades of pain onto "Bottle Cap," finally getting the closure she deserves.

Linda exploring her grief through flowers personifies the heart of Bob's Burgers wherein it manages to solve a heartbreaking issue with something as silly and innocent as flowers. It did not make fun of Linda for her process or undermine it at all. Instead, the show explored a healthy coping mechanism that helped Linda process years of locked away pain, finally getting to say a proper goodbye to something that mattered so much to her. The support of her husband and her friends through this grief continues to prove that Bob's Burgers is one of the most wholesome adult animation series of all time.

Bob's Burgers has always found unique ways to relay emotion in its stories, and Season 12's premiere does not disappoint. New episodes air Sundays, only on Fox.

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