Boy Meets World Star Maitland Ward Defends Her Adult Film Star Career

Former Boy Meets World star Maitland Ward, 44, opened up about her current career as an adult film star.

Ward joined the cast of the ABC sitcom in 1998 as Rachel McGuire, the roommate and crush of both Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) and Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence), until the series finale in 2000. In an interview with Us Weekly, Ward said she hasn't received any negative feedback from her former sitcom co-stars. "I heard from [Friedle] not too long ago and he was so sweet," Ward said in an interview with Us Weekly. "He [was] saying how supportive he was of me, but he won't watch anything."

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Ward made the transition from mainstream television and film to the porn industry in 2019, going on to publish a book titled Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me From Hollywood. Ward currently works with Vixen Media Group, an adult film studio based in Los Angeles, and is Vixen's first-ever billboard star.

"It's really exciting because, you know, this project for the Muse 2 that we worked on is actually the second season in a series for Deeper, which marries porn and mainstream," Maitland said. "We have a billboard up in Hollywood, right by where the Oscars are. So that's really exciting. It's a really monumental thing for me because, you know, Hollywood … I kind of was typecast and kind of pushed out of Hollywood. I was only told I could do a certain thing in Hollywood and be a certain kind of performer."

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In the interview, Ward also noted that she was "always" going to be typecast as a "sitcom girl, next door, soccer mom," which pushed her choice to switch from mainstream television to adult films.

"I wanted to break out and do something really different. And that's what I've been able to do with Deeper and doing it in porn," she said. "And I think it's amazing that [the porn role] is what got me up on a billboard. [It is] what's gotten me, like, the best acting roles of my life so far. It's catapulted me to a fame that I wouldn't have had if I just did what traditional Hollywood wanted me to do."

As for a possible Boy Meets World reunion of the entire original cast, Ward is open to the possibility, saying it "would be fun." She said, "I hear a lot of talk from fans that want, like, a total reunion special, like, a separate [one] from [the spinoff] Girl Meets World. That's just all the old cast."

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Source: Us Weekly

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