Rosa Was Part of Hitchcock and Scully's Crew

By the time Brooklyn Nine-Nine came to an end after eight seasons, there were more than a few questions that were left unanswered. Not surprisingly, a lot of them had to do with Rosa Diaz. For every fact that was revealed about her, two more went undiscussed. But possibly the strangest thing about Rosa was her affinity for Hitchcock and Scully which manifested in her actually joining their super lazy crew, even if it was only for an episode.

Rosa Diaz was one of the best detectives the Nine-Nine had on their roster. Not only did she have a great rate of case closures, but she was also quite likely the toughest person there. Even Terry Jeffords, the Nine-Nine's resident powerhouse, was afraid of her. And rightfully so. She was a highly trained fighter who was always heavily armed. Plus, the air of mystery around her just made Rosa seem even more dangerous.

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On the other hand, Hitchcock and Scully had no mystery surrounding them whatsoever. Frankly, they could have used a lot more of a mystique around them. They were lazy and gross, though not as stupid as they presented themselves. These two long-standing members of the Nine-Nine did next to no work and the work that they did do was frequently useless beyond belief. Plus, Hitchcock and Scully were unrepentant gluttons.

There was no one in the Nine-Nine more different from Hitchcock and Scully than Rosa. She was constantly annoyed by them, one of the few emotions she did little to hide. Basically, no one was less forgiving of their idiosyncracies than Rosa was. That's what made her joining their crew in Season 5, Episode 5 such an absolute shocker. Even more surprising was how quickly she became part of their insidious lifestyle.

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Rosa was assigned to help Hitchcock and Scully with a massive paperwork project. It required a lot of sitting, something Rosa was not looking forward to. She had little to no use for desk work, unlike Amy Santiago. But this was right in Hitchcock and Scully's wheelhouse. It led to a challenge where all three of them had to sit until one of them stood up. Rosa was trying to prove how easy the boys had it. Instead, she became one of them.

After hours upon hours of sitting with Hitchcock and Scully, things went way beyond the confines of the challenge as Rosa essentially became part of their group. She stopped even wanting to get up, even going so far as to roll with the guys in their chairs down to the street to get a hot dog. The trio was eating their hot dogs together when Hitchock accidentally stood up. In solidarity, Rosa and Scully also stood up, ending the challenge.

From then on, Rosa seemed ever so slightly more tolerant of Hitchcock and Scully's general shenanigans. She still didn't completely identify with them but she at least had a better understanding of their complete lack of motivation and direction. That being said, she still thought they could stand to move around a lot more. Scully might have finally been able to stem the non-stop flow of heart attacks he was subjected to due to his absurd lifestyle if he did.

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