Iron Man and Captain America Will Prove Ultron Isn't Marvel's Worst Robot

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Captain America/Iron Man #2, on sale now from Marvel.

A relic from the pasts of Iron Man and Captain America is about to make a comeback. In Captain America/Iron Man #2, by Derek Landy, Angel Unzueta, Rachelle Rosenberg and VC's Joe Caramagna, while on the hunt for wannabe Hydra leader, Veronica Eden, the parts of the Myrmidon robot were collected and reactivated by rogue hero Fifty-One, who then promptly ran away.

Although it has only had a handful of appearances in the Marvel Universe, Myrmidon is connected to both Captain America and Iron Man. Now, however, the robot seems to be returning to its original purpose as it prepares its master for an unknown plan.

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Myrmidon debuted in the classic Iron Man #29, by Mimi Gold and Don Heck, as the robotic guardian of a super-computer known as the Overseer. The computer had been created by an unknown dictator who intended for it to oppress the population of a Caribbean island. Iron Man eventually caught wind of that, and defeated both the robot and its digital master by turning them against each other, destroying both in the process. That would not be the end of Myrmidon, however.

True to form, Myrmidon was recommissioned by another dictator: the Hydra Supreme, a variant of Captain America that joined Hydra instead of being a hero. Rather than being reactivated as a robotic servant, the parts of Myrmidon were salvaged to become Hydra Supreme's new armor. It was modeled after the Captain America suit but used a green and gold color scheme to signify his loyalty to Hydra. As a result, Myrmidon was once again used to oppress people and also became a symbol of a moment in Captain America's life that he would rather remain buried.

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Now, however, the robot seems to be fully operational again, no longer acting at the pull of another's strings. Well, almost. It seems the newly restored Myrmidon has returned to its original programming of protecting the Overseer super-computer, which it now stands guard over as it sets about reactivating it.

What is interesting to note here is that rather than referring to the computer as its master, it calls the Overseer "God" implying that the computer's goals and perception of itself go beyond ruling a territory. It seems that as the Overseer is rebooted, Myrmidon will act as an agent of its will, no doubt intending to reclaim what they lost so many years ago and more.

So it is appropriate that Iron Man and Captain America are the ones to be going after it. Iron Man has firsthand knowledge of how the machine behaves and might have some idea about what it's going to do. Likewise, Captain America has a personal drive to see that this robot is put back in storage. It may not realize it, but Myrmidon is a symbol of when America was taken over by a fascist coup, and seeing Myrmidon now might inspire the remnants of that corrupt government to reemerge. Even if Myrmidon isn't presented here as an immediate threat, both heroes have good reason to see it reduced to scrap.

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