What Happened to Gabriel Belmont and Alucard After Lords of Shadow?

While the Castlevania franchise has revolved around the Belmont Clan's millennium-long war against Dracula and his forces of darkness, the separate timeline explored in the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trilogy radically reimagined the nature of the Belmont and Dracula's long-standing dynamic. While Castlevania: Lament of Innocence revealed that Dracula was Leon Belmont's former best friend in the 11th century prior to a bloody falling out, Lords of Shadow timeline introduced a different original Belmont warrior in Gabriel. And in this alternate timeline reimagining, Gabriel eventually becomes the vampire lord Dracula, which also redefines his relationship with his undead son Alucard, ending their story on a relatively ambiguous note.

While the original Lords of Shadow reimagined Dracula as a Belmont, its 2013 sequel Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate reimagined Trevor Belmont as Dracula's son who rose as the vampire Alucard after failing to defeat his monstrous father. Mirror of Fate ended with Alucard teaming up with his own son, Simon Belmont, to defeat Dracula, who fell into a long slumber for centuries under mysterious circumstances. As Dracula was revived in the 21st century, the father-son dynamic between him and Alucard served as the emotional core to the 2014 sequel Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, effectively concluding the Lords of Shadow timeline that brought the vampire family together for a final battle against the ultimate evil.

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Lords of Shadow 2 revolved around Zobek -- the Lords of Shadow timeline's analogue to longtime Castlevania enemy and Dracula lieutenant Death -- manipulating Dracula to help him defeat a resurgent Satan as part of an ancient conflict between the two. This leads to Dracula and Alucard reluctantly joining forces to destroy both Zobek and Satan in an epic showdown. Lords of Shadow 2 ends with Dracula smashing the Mirror of Fate, a magical device revealing the destiny of all who gaze upon it, deciding to forge his own fate as he and Alucard walk into the cathedral together where Dracula had slumbered for centuries. Though it seemed like as happy an ending as Lords of Shadow could muster, how Dracula and Alucard's adventures would eventually end remained uncertain.

One possible outcome that can be inferred, though, is that Dracula and Alucard decided to definitively end the Belmont line together by destroying themselves; Lords of Shadow 2 ends as the dawn's early light begins to shine upon Dracula's cathedral, suggesting the two vampires may allow themselves to be immersed in sunlight to immolate on the spot. Alucard's lifelong destiny had been to destroy his father and, with the two men now together and having vanquished the ultimate evil in Satan and Zobek, their deaths would put an end to an age of monsters. Lords of Shadow 2 also saw the death of the final human Belmont, Gabriel and Trevor's distant descendant Victor Belmont, meaning that Dracula and Alucard destroying themselves would effectively end the Belmont line as well.

While Lords of Shadow 2 remains a divisive entry in the Castlevania franchise, the Lords of Shadow timeline did introduce the Konami property to a new generation of gamers and pushed the Castlevania mythos into new and exciting directions the main timeline never could, as it was always held back by its own extensive history. While not explicitly stated outright, Lords of Shadow 2 presents a definitive end to Dracula and Alucard, ending this complicated father-and-son dynamic on a decidedly tragic note that perfectly falls in line with the tone of Gabriel Belmont's life and times as the monster hunter eventually become the biggest monster of them all.

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