Every Way Chucky Has Died in the Child’s Play Franchise

The only thing more enduring than the icon of a slasher franchise is their death. Whether it's Freddy being killed in creative ways or Michael Myers surviving multiple injuries, there's always the guarantee that the killer's on-screen death isn't concrete. Of all of the killers out there, none know this better than Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky the Killer Doll. Even though his outer shell is plastic, it hasn't stopped the lead killer in the Child's Play series from meeting his maker on more than one occasion, but how many times has Chucky bit the dust?

Charles Lee Ray Is Gunned Down In Child's Play


In 1988's Child's Play, audiences are introduced to the serial killer, Charles Lee Ray. However, rather than see the start of his career, the film instead shows his demise at the hands of Detective Mike Norris.

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After a shootout with the detective, Ray is shot in the leg and seeks refuge in a toy store, but the wounds he receives in the shootout force him to use a voodoo curse he learned on a nearby Good Guy Doll. After successfully transferring his soul into the doll, Ray's body dies, but his death only serves as a means for his rebirth in the form of the deadly doll.

Chucky Is Set On Fire and Shot In Child's Play


Chucky commits a series of murders as a doll throughout the first film, which ultimately falls back on a young child named Andy Barclay and his mother, Karen. However, the only crime Karen is guilty of is finding the doll as a Christmas gift for Andy.

At her wit's end, she confronts the doll, who awakens after threatening to light him on fire. A fight ensues that sees Chucky trapped in the fireplace and set ablaze, but even after being lit on fire, shot multiple times and beheaded, it takes Detective Norris to land the final shot on Chucky's body, ending the torment for the first film.

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Chucky's Head Explodes In Child's Play 2


In Child's Play 2, the company that made the Good Guy Dolls retrieved what they believed to be the remains of a defective product. Rather than destroy it, they rebuilt and refurbished Chucky for stockholders. Sometime after an electrical surge brought Chucky back to life, he continued his mission to steal Andy's body as revenge. Taken from his mother after the first film, Andy is with a new family, and as Chucky torments him, they believe Andy is the problem.

Eventually, their feud leads to a Play Pals factory where Andy and his foster sister, Kyle, confront Chucky. The battle leads to Chucky losing his hand and legs and eventually being covered in hot plastic, but even as his body becomes more human, he still tries to kill Andy and Kyle. In response, Kyle shoves an air tube in his mouth, causing Chucky's head to explode.

Chucky Is Destroyed by a Fan In Child's Play 3


Child's Play 3 moves the timeline forward where audiences meet an older Andy being taken to a military school. However, after his remains are hauled off to be destroyed, the Chucky from the previous film bleeds into a vat of plastic. With a new doll created, Chucky is reborn and finds Andy, hoping to kill him and find another body to steal from a young boy named Tyler.

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Chucky's attacks reach fever pitch and ultimately end with Andy holding on to Tyler for dear life over a massive spinning fan. After being shot and scarred in the face, Chucky tries to kill Andy, but Tyler gives him his knife, which he uses to cut off Chucky's arm and throws him into the fan, slicing him to pieces.

 Chucky Is Shot Repeatedly In Bride of Chucky


Bride of Chucky takes a more comedic tone than the original trilogy and introduces Chucky's girlfriend, Tiffany, who takes his remains and sews them back together. Not long after being brought back, Chucky also turns Tiffany into a doll. The murderous duo take a road trip, with two hostages, to Chucky's buried body to get an amulet so the couple can transfer their souls into new bodies.

However, Chucky's abusive tendencies get the better of him, which leads to him being betrayed by Tiffany and eventually tossed into his own grave. With no way of escaping, he's gunned down repeatedly by one of his hostages.

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Chucky Is Dismembered In Seed of Chucky


Seed of Chucky is the most meta entry of the series as it sees Chucky's child Glen/Glenda finding the prop versions of their parents being used for a new film, so they revive them via the amulet from the first film. With Chucky revived, they plan to find the souls of two famous people and live a life of luxury.

However, the plan eventually breaks down after Chucky kills Tiffany and Glen/Glenda, in a fit of rage, attacks Chucky with an axe. The attack ends with Chucky being dismembered and beheaded. This was the definitive end of the character for some time before his return in Curse of Chucky.

Chucky Is Shot and Has His Head Crushed In Cult of Chucky


Cult of Chucky takes the voodoo foundation of the franchise to the next level by introducing multiple Chucky's, each containing a piece of his soul. The film continues Nica's story from Curse of Chucky, who is now in a mental institution. But once Tiffany drops off a Good Guy Doll, chaos ensues.

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One of the Chuckies confronts Andy Barclay, who traveled to the institution to help Nica. However, Andy has a plan and reaches inside of Chucky's stomach, pulling out a gun and shooting him in the head. Andy then crushes his head under his shoe in a fitting scene for the original victim of Chucky.

Chucky Is Stabbed, Shot and Beheaded In Child's Play (2019)


The 2019 Child's Play remake eliminates voodoo and has Chucky be the product of technical sabotage by a disgruntled employee. This version is also similar to an Echo as it can connect with any other products made by the company, Kaslan.

Determined to be Andy's only friend, this version will kill anyone that gets in his way and can control any Kaslan tech within his vicinity to do it. Eventually, Andy confronts Chucky to save his mom, which ends with him being stabbed in the chest, shot  and finally beheaded and set ablaze, but the film's final frame shows that it's hard to keep a good doll down.

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