What Happened to Chucky and Tiffany’s Kid in Seed of Chucky?

The Child's Play series has been through several ups and downs in terms of quality and content. While the first three films are relatively scary slasher movies with elements of dark comedy sprinkled throughout, the fourth and fifth films essentially serve as parodies of their predecessors, as well as the horror genre as a whole. The fifth installment, Seed of Chucky, especially dials up the absurdity by introducing Chucky the killer doll's gender-fluid offspring, Glen/Glenda.

Who Is Glen/Glenda In Seed Of Chucky?

Glen/Glenda technically makes their debut at the end of Bride of Chucky, with Chucky's love interest Tiffany giving birth to a baby doll in the film's final moments. Six years later, that doll has come into possession of an abusive ventriloquist. After escaping their owner, Glen/Glenda tracks down their parents on the set of a film starring actor Jennifer Tilly, resurrecting them using a voodoo amulet. However, Glen/Glenda begins to regret this decision, as they are shown to be incredibly uncomfortable with their parents' homicidal tendencies.

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Additionally, Glen/Glenda undergoes a crisis pertaining to their gender, with Chucky wanting them to be a boy and Tiffany wanting them to be a girl. This is one of the main conflicts of Seed of Chucky, along with Glen/Glenda's desire for the dolls to stop killing people. While Glen/Glenda's wish doesn't end up being granted, they eventually come to terms with their gender-fluid nature, with their two different personas switching off within the doll's body. While Glen is more meek and subdued, Glenda is shown to have inherited their father's taste for blood, gleefully killing Jennifer Tilly's assistant Joan.

What Happened To Glen/Glenda In The Child's Play Franchise?

As to be expected for a family as dysfunctional as Chucky, Tiffany and Glen/Glenda's, things don't exactly go as planned for the killer dolls. While Chucky and Tiffany's initial plan is to inseminate Jennifer Tilly and then possess her body along with the rapper Redman's, things hit a snag when Jennifer gives birth to two babies. The family begins to argue, and Redman ends up being killed by Tiffany, forcing the dolls to use Jennifer's driver as Chucky's host instead.

However, as he is about to perform the ceremony, Chucky realizes that he prefers to be a killer doll forever. This leads to a fight between the family, which results in Jennifer being sent to the hospital. There, Tiffany manages to swap her soul with Jennifer's, shortly before the Tiffany doll is murdered by Chucky. Filled with rage, Glen/Glenda then kills their father.

Five years later, it is revealed that Glen/Glenda's soul has been split between Jennifer's twins, allowing them to live as both a boy and a girl. Then, on their birthday, Glen opens a birthday gift, only for him to be attacked by Chucky's severed arm. Glen and Glenda haven't been seen since, although a recent episode of the Chucky TV series included a mention of Chucky's "gender-fluid kid," seemingly confirming that Glen/Glenda is still alive and well.

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