Jennifer Tilly Hasn't Seen the First Three Child's Play Movies

Jennifer Tilly, who reprises her role as Tiffany Valentine in Syfy and USA's new Chucky series, admits she has not seen the initial Child's Play trilogy.

During an NYCC 2021 panel, where she interviewed franchise creator Don Mancini Tilly erroneously referred to Andy's foster sister as his babysitter, prompting her to laugh and openly concede, "I didn't watch the first few movies." Mancini jokingly turned to the audience and reiterated, "She still, to this day, has not seen the Chucky movies that she's not in." Tilly quickly responded, "I'm busy! I'm a busy girl! I have too much time to spend shopping." This led to Mancini jokingly promising that he would "strap [her] down and make [her] watch those movies" one day.

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Setting aside her recurring part in the Chucky TV show, Tilly previously portrayed Chucky's psychotic wife, Valentine, in four movies between 1998 and 2017, beginning with Bride of Chucky and ending with Cult of Chucky. There was some confusion among fans on whether the Child's Play films were canon to the show. These concerns were assuaged when the Chucky trailer linked back to key moments from the movies.

The younger cast members involved with the series voiced their approval of the televised format, claiming it provides more opportunities for character development. However, they were also quick to emphasize that the show pays homage to the wicked tone the franchise became famous for, with Tio Briones stating, "I feel like we're doing the fans proud. I hope everyone likes it."

Chucky airs Tuesdays on Syfy and the USA Network.

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Source: New York Comic Con 2021

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