Syfy's Chucky: Who Could Be Next On Chucky's Hit List?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chucky Season 1, Episode 6, "Cape Queer."

Syfy's Chucky recently aired its latest episode, titled Cape Queer, which saw the unfortunate death of not only Junior Wheeler's mother, but also Devon Evans' mother as well.. Two more victims have been claimed, but his hit list is still unfulfilled, as there are several Chucky characters that could be next for the chopping board.

Parents, friends and many more innocents are dropping like flies as Chucky continues to make it painfully evident that anyone is fair game and no one is safe. Among the chaos, familiar faces like Tiffany Valentine and Nica Pierce make their triumphant return to the Child's Play universe. Whether or not they survive another encounter with Chucky is impossible to say, especially since there are so many potential names on Chucky's hit list.

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Lexi's Parents

Ever since Chucky premiered, Don Mancini and his fellow brainiacs have made it glaringly obvious that Lexi's parents are the "throwaway" pair of characters. They have personalities that are intentionally unlikeable, making them nothing more than an addition to Chucky's tally. Earlier in the series, after an unpleasant encounter with Lexi's parents, Chucky even says, "They're moving up my list pretty quick." He may have taken a disliking to Mayor Michelle Cross and her husband, Nathan, but given their fragility and the ticking time-bomb that is their failing marriage, Chucky either believes that fate will run its course and the two will split  or he merely feels a lack of urgency to hurry along their impending deaths.

Andy Barclay

Reintroduced in Cape Queer, Alex Vincent reprised his role as Andy Barclay from Child's Play. All grown up, Andy has teamed up with his foster sister, Kyle, to track down and destroy every possessed Good Guy Doll that contains a piece of Charles Lee Ray's soul. Bringing back Andy not only provides a strong sense of nostalgia, but it almost guarantees Andy's demise.

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As proven by Kim Evans, Devon's late mother, anyone who pokes their nose into Chucky's business never lasts long. Given that Andy is a beloved fan favorite, the odds are looking more bleak. Theories have circulated, especially on Reddit, that as Chucky continues to build toward its climax, the death of an important and long-established character could be just the unexpected twist that Mancini had been planning since the very first instalment.

Nica Pierce

Nica Pierce, another much-loved character within the Child's Play franchise, made an appearance in Cape Queer, featured alongside Chucky's partner-in-crime, Tiffany Valentine. For those unfamiliar, Nica has paralysis as a result of Charles Lee Ray stabbing her pregnant mother.

Following an assault from Chucky, she was arrested later on and charged with murdering her family. In attempt to make an appeal of innocence, her claims were dismissed as those of an incompetent and unstable killer, with the court admitting her into an asylum. Meanwhile, Chucky discovered a voodoo spell that enabled him to inhabit multiple host bodies at once. Most of these were dolls, but part of his split soul resides in Nica, and at any given moment, Chucky can assume command over her body.

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Similar to Andy, returning characters are often reintroduced for one reason -- to be killed off. Moreover, as Nica continues to murder under Chucky's influence, she could become the target of authorities, with the cops potentially bringing a tragic end to her life.

Devon Evans

Jake Wheeler, the main character of the Chucky series, is an unlikely prospect for Chucky's hit list. However, if Chucky can be relied on for anything, it would be his bloodthirsty need for revenge. In his eyes, Jake has wronged him. As unpredictable as Chucky is, his behavior does have some patterns, and if he holds a grudge against a particular person, he will make them suffer, likely targeting their loved ones first and foremost. For Devon, he chose to murder his mother.

Chucky has the longest-standing grudge against Jake, but since Jake has already lost his father, the alternative would be Devon. In Cape Queer, Jake and Devon share a touching moment with a beautiful sunset backdrop. Following that moment, it can be implied that Jake and Devon are dating. Jake cares dearly for Devon -- and vice-versa -- to such an extent that losing him would be more painful than death itself. If Chucky knows this, then targeting Devon would be the perfect way to disarm Jake.

See who is next on Chucky this Tuesday on USA and SyFy.

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