How Marvel's New Sorcerer Supreme May Already Threaten the Multiverse

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for the Death of Doctor Strange #4, available now from Marvel.

The Death of Doctor Strange has plunged the world into a new era of darkness. Apart from the various inter-dimensional warlords that the Sorcerer Supreme had long held at bay, the Earth's magic has become prey to the most horrific mystical being yet. Thankfully, there is already someone else poised to take Doctor Strange's place as the Sorcerer Supreme of our world. The only problem is that she already holds that title in another, and there is no telling what could happen if Clea walked away from the Dark Dimension for very long.

The echo of himself that Doctor Strange left behind before his demise has wasted no time in uncovering the disturbing details of his own murder. When Doctor Strange was killed, it wasn't just his life that was stolen. In a gruesome display of violence, the murderer also took it upon themselves to sever the Sorcerer Supreme's hands from his body, as well as his soul. It was this atrocious act that has kept the world from finding a new Sorcerer Supreme. In preventing that power and title from being passed on, the Marvel Universe as we know it has been left open to attack from all manner of otherworldly threats. Thankfully, there is already someone else who is poised to takeover as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth once the story at hand has reached its conclusion, even if she doesn't know it as of The Death of Doctor Strange #4 by Jed MacKay, Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela, and VC's Cory Petit. Even better is the fact that Clea is more than capable of taking on such an important role, although doing so could very well jumpstart Marvel's next mystic war.

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Clea has been an indelible part of the mystic corner of the Marvel Universe ever since her first appearance all the way back in 1964's Strange Tales #126 in the story "The Domain of the Dread Dormammu!" by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. As the daughter of the Faltine Umar and Mhuruuk royalty, Clea has always wielded an incredible magical prowess, and she has never had a problem using it to remind the Dark Dimension who the legitimate heir to its throne really is. In fact, that was even a seat of power that Clea held for quite some time, while more recent years have seen her settle into the role of the Dark Dimension's own Sorcerer Supreme. This doesn't make her any stranger to the goings on of the dimension Marvel fans know best, though it does beg the question of whether she might be headed for a devastating conflict of interests.

Apart from Clea, the Dark Dimension is most famously home to the ancient, evil Dormammu and his monstrous legions. There isn't any doubt that Dormammu would take any opportunity to claim the rest of the Marvel Universe as his own, and a Sorcerer Supreme split between two fronts may be the best one yet. That is, assuming Clea would be caught between two worlds and not abandoning one entirely in favor of the other. Considering there is no obvious replacement for her in any realm, it's hard to imagine that Clea would be leaving her duties in the Dark Dimension to anyone else. If that proves to be true and Clea isn't able to keep track of the mystical threats brewing in both dimensions, there's a very good chance her pulling double duty as Sorcerer Supreme could be the thing that inadvertently leads to the next big mystic attack.

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So far, the combined might of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the assembled Masters of the Mystic Arts have staved off the majority of the threats that have arisen in the wake of Doctor Strange's murder.

That being the case, there is no reason they shouldn't be able to similarly handle whatever new troubles emerge once Clea has officially taken over as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. She will certainly have all the help she can get when that time comes. With any luck, it will be enough to keep both worlds from falling apart.

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