Cyberpunk 2077: Six Mods to Make Night City Your Own

The PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be the best version of the game, but there's still room for improvement. Night City is vast with lots to see and do, but it seems like a lot of features were left out due to time constraints. Thankfully, modders are here to add or recreate forgotten features in any game; just look at The Sims 4. Cyberpunk 2077 is no different, and there's lots of room for creative mod that expand the game.

Modders have already begun the task of creating new ways to enjoy the game or fix some of its smaller issues. Since it's so new, there aren't a lot, but certainly more will be made in the months ahead. Just be aware beforehand that mods can interfere with one another, which may affect the game in unexpected ways or harm your save file. Always back up your save and any files a mod may need to overwrite.

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Cyber Engine Tweaks

This mod is something of a multitool that can also fix some common issues. Cyber Engine Tweak unlocks the in-game debug menu and unlocks the console to type commands. This means players can cheat a little by giving themselves the best weapons, all the stats and even the option to teleport. A few other mods actually make use of this one, so it may become one of those required base mods which others are built on in the future.

Aside from letting players rule over Night City, it also fixes numerous common bugs like AMD CPU optimization, an AVX crash experienced on older machines, and RAM issues. It even provides the option to disable Anti-aliasing. If you aren't looking to cheat but are having problems, you could try the Cyberpunk 2077 All-In-One Performance Patcher instead. It provides the various fixes and lets players choose which ones they need to install.

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Better Vehicle Handling

While Cyberpunk 2077 is mostly a capitalist dystopian future simulator, it's also occasionally a driving on black ice simulator. Better Vehicle Handling fixes the game's vehicle control in three different flavors. The first version only subtly changes the control while re-adding burnout to the bikes. The second version is basically a beta of the third version, which adds much better control and breaking. Overall, it makes driving feel more responsive while making it feel smoother rather than uncontrollable.

Ultra Enhanced ReShade (Performance Friendly)

Like many games, Cyberpunk 2077 has a mod which enhances shading, detail, contrast, texture and a bunch of other graphics with some tweaks: Ultra Enhanced ReShade. What makes it different from others like it is that it enhances the game's graphics without interfering with its performance. This is especially important since it takes a high-end system to run the game on the highest settings, so the mod can help those with budget and mid-range builds enjoy better graphics without having to sacrifice the framerate.

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Cyberpunk Noir

The Cyberpunk Noir mod is a fun one if you want to give the game a completely different feel. It adds a filter or reshade effect that allows you to play the game in greyscale. It's simple, but the dramatic contrast turns the high-tech, vibrant city and usually bright neon city into a futuristic noir setting. The story's tone goes from evil capitalist grunge to back-alley mystery with a heist that takes place in the future, and removing the colors emphasizes Cyberpunk's darker themes. It is a cool concept that hasn't been done anywhere, and this mod is the perfect place to test it out.

The DocWorks Multi-Pack - A Collection of High-Quality Vehicle Mods

Cyberpunk's a big world, and as a result, you're going to spend a lot of time traveling around the massive open-world map. That means a lot of time spent in the game's cars and motorcycles, which may not be quite as flashy as you're wanting. That's where this DocWorks skin pack found on NexusMods comes in. This skin pack replaces five boring in-game models with all-new, gorgeous cars, including replacing the Arch "Nazare" Racer (not Jackie's that you earn through his storyline!) with an Arch Type 990-R "Makure," and replacing Johnny Silverhand's Porsche with a stunning DeLorean.


Finally, the V_FX mod is a reshade mod similar to Cyberpunk Noir, but instead of just one recoloring, it comes with several options for players looking to tailor their Cyberpunk 2077 experiences. First, you'll need the ReShade mod, which is a general shader mod that can be used in a variety of games by using DirectX. From there, a new menu will be added to the game.

With V_FX installed, you'll have different graphic options to choose from. The mod comes with two Ghost in the Shell versions, three different Blade Runner looks, RoboCop, The Matrix, Judge Dredd, Minority Report and Terminator styles. Selecting one will alter the game to resemble the futuristic tones of these classic franchises, and it even includes a neutral option if you would like to turn it off.

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