Daredevil Sets Up Elektra for a Major Upgrade From Iron Man

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Daredevil #33, on sale now from Marvel.

While Elektra Natchios has more than proved herself up to the task of defending Hell's Kitchen as the Marvel Universe's new Daredevil, she certainly hasn't had it easy. Shortly after contending with a symbiote invasion during the crossover event King in Black, Elektra faces a rampaging Bullseye, with the supervillain more murderous than ever. And after quickly discovering that the deranged serial killer has her outnumbered, Elektra sets out to even the odds by turning to one of the most resourceful Avengers for help in giving her an edge against Bullseye: Iron Man.

Following his incarceration after his failed build to raze Hell's Kitchen to the ground with a small army of fellow supervillains, Bullseye was kept in a secret lab underneath the Ravencroft Institute. As Mayor Wilson Fisk decided to renew his longstanding vendetta against Matt Murdock, he ordered a cadre of scientists to make Bullseye easier to control to become his own personal assassin. This plan backfired disastrously, however, when Bullseye not only escaped from captivity but took command on clones of himself created to be programmed with controllable personalities. And as the Bullseyes elude the authorities and cut a bloody path across Manhattan, Elektra finds herself ambushed by her old killer, with Daredevil #33 by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Marcio Menyz and VC's Clayton Cowles detailing the showdown.

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Outnumbered and outgunned by a trio of Bullseyes, Elektra is narrowly rescued by Spider-Man and Iron Man, driving the supervillains into hiding. As Elektra recovers from the grievous wounds she endured at Bullseyes' hands in the safety of Tony Stark's penthouse facility overlooking the city, she observes that Tony has never been one to turn down the opportunity to provide an upgrade when given the chance. With this in mind, as Stark's nanotechnology mends her wounds, Elektra asks for a machine capable of helping her defeat Bullseye -- a sort of BullseyeBuster -- that will tip the odds back in her favor as the cloned Bullseyes continue evade Iron Man's tracking systems. While Tony doesn't commit, he certainly appears intrigued by the challenge that Elektra presents him.

Iron Man has been working overtime lately, providing new and exciting upgrades for his Avengers teammates as they face off against increasingly more formidable threats. While mounting a raid on the Winter Guard's Red Room, deep within the Siberian tundra, Tony unveiled new costumes for himself and Captain America as they set out to rescue She-Hulk from their Russian rivals. And with the Red Skull recently empowered by the shards from the Infinity Stones, Tony developed a line of custom Iron Man armors for his teammates after the Skull used his new cosmic powers to depower any hero that opposed him, leveling the odds in a fierce rematch against the omnipotently upgraded supervillain.

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Iron Man has been in Daredevil's orbit lately, working with the Man Without Fear and going as far to personally use his finances to acquire Hell's Kitchen before being outbid by Elektra. And with Bullseyes rampaging through Manhattan and Elektra narrowly killed by her longtime foe, Tony has been roped back into Daredevil's violent world, even if there's a different hero under the crimson cowl. Elektra may have been caught off-guard and ambushed in her earlier skirmish with the Bullseyes but now, with the help of Iron Man and his expensive toys, she is heading into the inevitable rematch more prepared than ever with her own set of tricks up her sleeve.

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