An Avengers' Body Horror Odyssey Begins in Darkhold: Wasp (Exclusive)

Janet Van Dyne's descent into a dark new form is chronicled in the upcoming Darkhold: Wasp one-shot.

CBR has an exclusive first look at Darkhold: Wasp #1 by Jordie Bellaire and Claire Roe, featuring a twisted tale of mental illness. The preview contains what appears to be a flashback sequence showing Janet reflecting on her failed marriage with Hank Pym. Janet, wearing one of her older costumes, rushes to the side of her then-husband, who is clad in his Yellowjacket outfit and exhibiting a violent outburst. After Janet manages to comfort him, she glances at Tigra -- another flame of Hank's -- with a concerned look in her eyes. Later pages from the issue, which Marvel has teased as "the most twisted comic you'll read this year," hint at the deteriorating marriage between the former Ant-Man and the Wasp. In the final panel, Jane removes her wedding ring.

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Janet transformed into a twisted reflection of herself in the final pages of Darkhold: Alpha #1 after she and four teammates read too far into the cursed Darkhold tome. Darkhold concept artwork by Cian Tormey has shown that her new appearance looks considerably more like her namesake, with actual wasp wings extending from her back and mandibles that can emerge from her mouth.

Wasp was chosen by Scarlet Witch to serve on a special team of heroes, known as the Darkhold Defenders. Other members of the team included Black Bolt, Blade, Iron Man and Spider-Man, and each was chosen for a specific virtue. In Janet's case, she was selected as the "artist," with Scarlet Witch hoping that her ingenuity could assist in an impending battle against the Elder God Chthon, writer of the Darkhold's eldritch pages and an encroaching power on Earth.

Darkhold: Alpha saw Doctor Doom reading the Darkhold, venturing into Chthon's realm and barely making it out alive. When Scarlet Witch asked the heroes she has assembled to read from the book, her plans go awry. Instead of the Darkhold Defenders, the team's evil variants call themselves the "Darkhold Defiled." Each of their stories will be told in a one-shot tying into the main Darkhold event, and aside from Janet's new form, Blade reverts into a feral vampire state while Iron Man changes into a bulging mass of flesh influenced by body horror.

Darkhold: Wasp #1 goes on sale Nov. 10 from Marvel Comics.


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Source: Marvel

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