Gold Lantern's Future Green Lantern Powers and Weaknesses, Explained

The Green Lantern Corps is just one of many ring-wielding users of the emotional spectrum, with the verdant knights embodying the force of willpower. Far into the future of the Legion of Super-Heroes, however, the Corps of old no long exist. There is one ringed warrior who does exist in the future and uses a power very similar to the Lanterns of the present day.

A member of the futuristic Legion of Super-Heroes, Gold Lantern metes out justice with a ring and powers incredibly similar to the Green Lantern Corps. However, there are a few differences with his empowered jewelry, as well as his vision, that make him stand out from the other colored corps.

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Who Is DC's Future Green Lantern - The Gold Lantern?

Kala Lour, a.k.a. the Gold Lantern, was created by Brian Michael Bendis, and debuted in Superman #14. Formerly a Filipino school teacher, Kala eventually joined the premier superhero team of the future, the Legion of Super-Heroes. The ring of the Gold Lantern was given to him by the Elders of Oa, who are the 31st century evolution of the modern day Guardians of the Universe.

These Guardians combined all of the powers of the Emotional Spectrums to more effectively combat evil. Kala is their latest champion, and is quite the hero in the eyes of other Legionnaires. Thankfully for him, he has the power to back up this reputation, upholding the legacy of the many Lantern Corps before him.

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What Are Gold Lantern's Powers and Weaknesses?

Similar to the members of other colored Lantern Corps', Gold Lantern has the power to create physical constructs with his ring. These constructs are powered by sheer force of will, and limited only by Kala's imagination. The ring's power creates a sort of force field around him, protecting him from all but the strongest attacks. This was shown when he recently helped Superboy control the long-deceased Aquaman's Atlantean trident, which was sending the full force of the oceans against them.

Kala's ring also allows him to fly at incredible speeds, which makes his Legion flight ring more of a status symbol than anything actually useful. In terms of weaknesses, the aforementioned limitation of Kala's imagination could definitely be a problem, as would a situation wherein his own will is in question. Likewise, Kala is also blind, and since his other senses don't seem to be amplified outside of whatever the ring tells him, this could be used to his disadvantage.

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Does Gold Lantern Wield DC's Strongest Power Ring?

As mentioned, the Elders of Oa supposedly combined the power of all of the emotional spectrum long ago, meaning that one Gold Lantern ring has the power of all of the Lantern Corps'. This would seemingly make Gold Lantern the most powerful Lantern of all, except for one small caveat revealed later by Brainiac 5. Gold Lantern's ring is actually not a true Lantern ring. On top of that, the Elders of Oa are not the Guardians of the Universe, but other beings who seem to have sinister motives.

This makes it questionable whether Gold Lantern truly does have the power of the entire emotional spectrum at his disposal, with this uncertainty also counting as a potential weakness. Sadly, there's been nothing revealed about the character's origin since this revelation, so the exact nature of the Gold Lantern's powers still remain a mystery.

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