Naomi's Ava DuVernay Has the Perfect Reason for Helming a DCTV Series

Ava DuVernay had a simple explanation for why she chose to work on The CW's Naomi.

The writer/director, whose prior television works include dramas inspired by true events like When They See Us and Colin in Black & White, discussed her shift into more genre-oriented work. "I was asked why I’m doing a show on the CW about a Black girl learning that she’s actually a superhero," she tweeted. "Because I want there to be a show about a Black girl learning that she’s actually a superhero. And then being a great one." She concluded by sharing a new trailer for the upcoming series.

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The trailer introduces viewers to Naomi McDuffie (Kaci Walfall), a teenage fan of Superman who says she admires the Man of Steel not just because of his tremendous powers, but because he's adopted like her. After Superman himself appears to fight a villain in her hometown of Port Oswego, OR, Naomi and her friends decide to investigate what kind of event would draw Superman to such a sleepy little burg -- and what it might have to do with Naomi's true origins.

Naomi is based on the DC series of the same name, written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker and illustrated by Jamal Campbell. DuVernay previously stated that the comics team has been nothing but encouraging towards her and showrunner Jill Blankenship's vision for the character. "They have said... this is our baby and you take her in, you raise her in the way that you want," DuVernay explained. "So they have been lovely being very hands-off, very supportive. They are not involved in a day-to-day way. And that was something that they gave us as a gift as artists and creators, [saying], 'Look, we're not gonna micromanage this process. We love Naomi. We would love to see how she is in the hands of two women and you all take it and do your thing.'" The first season of the Naomi comic debuted in 2019, while the second will release on March 8.

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Despite Naomi debuting on The CW, it won't immediately connect to the other superhero shows on the network that make up the shared continuity called the Arrowverse. "[I]n terms of crossovers, we're not thinking about that right now," DuVernay said. "She's on her own, she's on her own path." It's also been confirmed that the show will introduce its own iteration of Superman without Tyler Hoechlin reprising his role from Supergirl and its spinoff Superman & Lois.

Naomi premieres Jan. 11 on The CW.

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