Marvel Confirmed the MCU's Deadliest Avenger in Its Darkest New Story

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dark Ages #3, now on sale

Quicksilver is one of Marvel's fastest characters, often ranking among the universe's quickest speedsters. While he may not truly compare to certain figures like the Eternals Makkari, he's still far faster than almost anyone else on the planet. Thanks to his supersonic speeds, Quicksilver has been portrayed as an incredibly dangerous figure -- even if his most high-profile appearance, as a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ultimately proved short-lived.

But the variant of Quicksilver who appears in Dark Ages #3 by Tom Taylor, Iban Coello, Brian Reber, and VC's Joe Sabino proved himself beyond even someone as quick as Spider-Man -- and was able to use his speed to easily kill two heroes in shockingly brutal fashion.

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In the world of Dark Ages, reality has been shifted radically by the awakening -- and eventual defeat -- of the Unmaker. In a world where almost all electricity has been more or less wiped out to stop the Unmaker, the heroes have had to pick up the pieces. Apocalypse has different plans however and has been capturing geniuses to help him try to find a way to restore the Unmaker -- including Tony Stark, alerting the heroes to the villain's machinations. Quicksilver is sent as a global scout to go looking for the captive inventors and locates them in Paris constructing a Faraday Cage around Magneto. But after slowing Quicksilver down long enough to expose him to the Purple Man, Apocalypse and his agents were able to turn Quicksilver into a particularly brutal weapon against their enemies.

Returning to Wakanda at the Purple Man's command, Quicksilver quickly goes on the offensive. Before anyone can properly respond, Quicksilver was able to rush Okyone and snap her neck with his bare hands. Although Spider-Man is fast enough to deploy his web-shooters and try to tie up Quicksilver, the Marvel speedster is able to dodge every shot with ease. Before Human Torch can even fully unleash his powers, he takes a spear to the back and is fatally wounded. Luckily, Jean Grey had enough time by then to deploy her telepathy and bring down Quicksilver -- but it was too late for the other two heroes, with Human Torch ultimately losing control of his powers due to the injury and -- among other things -- severely burning Quicksilver's legs.

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It's a brutal reminder of just how powerful Quicksilver is. Especially when coupled with a recent showing by his Earth-616 counterpart during X-Men: Trial of Magneto (where-in Quicksilver caught Magneto mid-fight and proceeded to nearly beat him to death before being pulled off by Northstar), it's a reminder of how powerful Quicksilver really is. While his MCU variant from Avengers: Age of Ultron might have been fast, he was nowhere near as speedy as other counterparts of the character. He ultimately even died at the hands of Ultron, sacrificing himself to push Hawkeye and a civilian out of the way of danger but failing to then avoid the gunfire himself.

Dark Ages serves as a better reminder that when fully unleashed, Quicksilver is fast enough to transcend the reflexes of someone even as honed as Spider-Man, easily dodging around him with ease. It's only thanks to an Omega-Level telepath being present that Quicksilver wasn't able to deploy more death before being contained by the heroes. If Quicksilver was fully unleashed, he could really slaughter his way through plenty of superheroes.

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