Death of Doctor Strange Cover May Reveal Marvel's New Sorcerer Supreme

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Death of Doctor Strange #1 by Jed MacKay, Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela and Cory Petit, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The updated cover of December's Death of Doctor Strange #4 seems to confirm that Stephen Strange's successor as the Sorcerer Supreme will be none other than... Stephen Strange. More specifically, his younger counterpart.

Last month, Marvel Comics teased Doctor Strange's successor by revealing a tentative cover for Death of Doctor Strange #4, which featured a silhouetted figure meditating and sporting the superhero wizard's iconic cape. Marvel has now revealed the true cover for Death of Doctor Strange #4, revealing the mystery figure to be a younger, 1960s-esque Doctor Strange. This is especially noteworthy, as the younger version of Strange burst onto the scene after his modern counterpart was murdered in Death of Doctor Strange #1, which hit shelves on Sept. 22.

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At this time, Marvel has also revealed Kaare Andrews' cover for January's Death of Doctor Strange #5, which also features the '60s Doctor Strange, as well as David Nakayama's cover for the newly announced tie-in one-shot Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1 by Tini Howard and Ig Guara, which is itself scheduled for release in January.

On Sale 1/12


Written by TINI HOWARD



On Sale 1/26


Written by JED MACKAY



"Who better to defend Earth from magical invaders than monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone? Elsa is the best there is at what she does -- tough, skilled and clever enough to handle any problem… except her brother, Cullen," an official synopsis for the one-shot reads. "The siblings will have to put their issues aside not only to protect Earth but also to welcome the latest addition to the Bloodstone clan: their long-lost sister! Her awesome set of powers and unique Blood gem have placed a target on her back, and the worst horrors from beyond this realm are on the hunt."

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Bloodstone is one of many tie-ins accompanying the main five-issue Death of Doctor Strange limited series, with the other upcoming one-shots including Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers #1, Strange Academy Presents: The Death of Doctor Strange #1, Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1, Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox #1, Death of Doctor Strange: Blade #1 and Death of Doctor Strange: X-Men/Black Knight #1.

"The Marvel Universe stands at the brink of destruction and the deadly new trio of villains, the Three Mothers and their master, the Peregrine Child, are about to claim victory," Marvel said in its official press release. "Will Strange's murderer have the last laugh? It all comes down to one last trick from the young, time-traveling Doctor Strange. MacKay, now signed as an exclusive writer for Marvel Comics, promises that this final chapter will open the door to an exciting future for Doctor Strange and Marvel's magical heroes."

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"The Death of Doctor Strange will be reaching its conclusion at #5, but its end will be the beginning for a whole new set of stories on the magic side of the Marvel universe," MacKay himself added. "The ups and downs of its five-month run have been a treasure to work on, but the folks at Marvel have been filling my pockets more exciting projects coming down the pike in the future, so stay tuned!"

Written by Jed MacKay and illustrated by Lee Garbett, Death of Doctor Strange #1 is available now from Marvel Comics. Death of Doctor Strange #2 goes on sale Oct. 20, followed by issue #3 on Nov. 17, issue #4 on Dec. 22 and issue #5 on Jan. 26, 2022.

Written by Tini Howard and illustrated by Ig Guara, Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1 goes on sale Jan. 12, 2022.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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