Why You Must Play Forsaken Before It Enters the Content Vault

Destiny 2's hit expansion Forsaken and its corresponding destination, The Tangled Shore, are both headed for the Destiny Content Vault. At the time of its launch, Forsaken reinvigorated what had been a stagnating world of Destiny 2, much in the same way The Taken King revitalized Destiny 1. Years later, it still contains one of the best stories told in the Destiny universe, along with one of the game's most memorable destinations in The Tangled Shore.

Bungie announced the content removal as part of its plan to make room in Destiny 2 for the upcoming expansion The Witch Queen and its subsequent seasons. Previous vaulted content includes the likes of Mercury, IO, Mars and its Escalation Protocol activity, as well as The Leviathan and its raids. If any Guardians haven't played Forsaken yet, now is the time to do so before it heads into the Destiny Content Vault on Feb. 22, 2022.

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Hunt Cayde-6's Killers in the Forsaken Campaign

The marketing campaign leading up to Forsaken's launch focused heavily on the death of Vanguard member Cayde-6. Guardians jumped into the expansion eager to see why he was killed and, for those particularly attached to the character, take revenge. Forsaken is a western revenge story at its heart, and it executed its tale with style.

Guardians were introduced to the Scorn and Spider, a Fallen who took over as the law of the land in the absence of the Awoken Queen following the Battle of Saturn. Working with both Spider and Petra Venj, the Queen's Wrath, Guardians hunt down Uldren Sov by eliminating all eight of his Scorned Barons. Each Baron Hunt is unique and memorable, and each one clouded the morality of what Guardians were doing. In many respects, the story of Forsaken framed Guardians as the antagonist.

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Explore the Mystery of the Tangled Shore

The Tangled Shore post-Forsaken currently houses three Strikes, the main Forsaken campaigns, two vendors and Season of the Hunt quests. Most of this content will go away in February, but some will stick around in different formats. Perhaps the most significant loss with The Tangled Shore being vaulted is that Guardians will no longer be able to regularly listen to the destination's music in-game, as it remains some of the best.

Warden of Nothing is the only strike from Forsaken that will remain in February. The other two strikes - The Hollow Lair and Broodhold - will leave. The Hollow Lair, infamous for not counting kills in the final boss room toward bounty or objective progress, is currently a Grandmaster Nightfall for Season of the Lost. Broodhold was originally a PlayStation-exclusive Strike when the expansion was released.

The two vendors on The Tangled Shore are Spider and Crow. Spider is an information broker and black market for resource acquisition. Once he leaves, Guardians will lose out on his Wanted bounties and the Enhancement Cores they provide. However, Guardians can instead visit Master Rahool in the Tower to exchange currencies. Crow is the second vendor and was added post-Forsaken. He handles Season of the Hunt quests, in which Guardians use the Cryptolith Lure to participate in Wrathborn hunts.

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Your Last Chance to Experience Forsaken?

Forsaken will be free for all players starting Dec. 7 until Feb. 22, 2022. A "Forsaken Pack" will be available for purchase on Dec. 7 that includes access to The Last Wish raid, The Shattered Throne dungeon, all Forsaken Exotics and three Forsaken Exotic Ciphers. Those who already own Forsaken will automatically receive this content pack, specifically the Exotic Ciphers, for free.

The Dreaming City, while linked closely to Forsaken and The Tangled Shore, will remain in the game next February. Players will still be able to access The Last Wish raid and The Shattered Throne dungeon as a result.

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