Destiny 2: The Hunter Is the Best Class for New Players

Destiny 2 has three unique classes players can choose from when they're first starting the game -- but only one will make it easier for players to find their footing. Hunters are the Vanguards' scouts and masters of the frontier, excelling in stealth, marksmanship and mobility. While these Guardians may seem like the classic rogue-type class at first glance, they're loaded with tricks that allow them to excel in any situation. Players will be glad they've started with a Hunter after realizing how much the class can do.

Every player in Destiny 2 creates a Guardian, a soldier resurrected and infused with the Traveler's Light, then chooses one of three classes. There are Hunters, Warlocks and Titans, each class bringing their own unique appearance, abilities and playstyle. Warlocks are masters of the arcane, often using abilities some would liken to magic. Titans are burly, tough protectors, never afraid to get in close and beat down enemies in melee. Hunters are the stealthiest of the bunch, often utilizing cloaking technology and speed to reach their targets. However, a Hunter's tactics don't end there; their utility and flexibility know no bounds.

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Why Hunter Is The Best Class Early On

When a player starts out, there's an immeasurably large learning curve ahead of them. Not just playing the game -- that's intuitive enough with time. The pace of seasonal currencies, Exotic gear acquisition and learning about Grandmaster Nightfalls the hard way represents the real first challenge in Destiny 2. A class that can help minimize that first mountain of work can make catching up to friends or just reaching endgame for yourself much faster. While playing as a Hunter doesn't eliminate all the work required to build a Guardian up, it does make getting there a heck of a lot easier. The Hunter's strength, even at their start, is in their subclasses.

Hunters can lean on various builds and abilities, even being used to "cheese" specific mechanics in encounters. Each subclass is supplemented by powerful "Super" abilities that are potent enough to deal with any early-game threat. In fact, Hunters have some of the strongest Supers in the game across all subclasses -- absolutely the best selection compared to other classes. Additionally, all subclasses have access to a dodge that reloads weapons and the Void subclass offers a few options for invisibility. This means Hunters will always have easy access to a disengage and a way to keep shooting when others have to reload. Of course, this is before considering the powerful Super or grenade they may have waiting up their sleeve. When combining a few of these class features, Hunters can often complete content solo that would require others to partner up.

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Why Hunter Is The Best Late Game Class

Once a Hunter has gone through Destiny 2's narrative and has begun delving into the endgame is when their class truly begins to shine. Hunters have some of the best Exotic synergies in the game, often making player Hunters capable of feats that other classes only dream of. But, again, the subclasses steal the show, offering up the abilities bettered by Exotics or that, inconceivably, can make the Exotic items better. Take the Hunter's dodge, for example. With the Wormhust Crown Exotic helmet, each dodge is accompanied by a small health and shield bump. This is the key to surviving a showdown in PvP or persevering to revive a downed Fireteam member in the Vault of Glass Raid. In the same vein, the Celestial Nighthawk Exotic helmet turns a Hunter's Golden Gun Super into a massive-damage single shot.

Beyond the Exotics, Hunters can do things other classes can't, making them incredibly valuable to any group. They can make a Fireteam invisible with their Smoke Grenades or terrorize an entire enemy team from afar with their Rime and Ruin Super. They're the most consistent damage dealers in the game, but Void subclasses also offer reliable ways to weaken enemies, opening them up to massive damage from the team. Hunters can even learn a Shatterdive ability for their Stasis subclass that allows them to freeze and instantly shatter their foes with a knee dive, a move that is particularly useful in the Crucible. Unfortunately, despite being good at everything they can do, Hunters cannot heal other Guardians like Warlocks or create barriers like Titans.

All in all, Hunters are the best class for a new Destiny 2 player to choose. Getting started in the game is easier than it used to be, but it can still be a lot to grow familiar with. Hunters will at least be able to sneak around some annoyances or brute force their way through a tough encounter. As time goes on, players will come into their Hunter, learning to master their speed and subtlety to great effect. Using their robust set of abilities and near-infinite flexibility, it'll be up to the player to decide what they want to be, whether that's a scourge of the Crucible or the pillar of a stalwart Fireteam.

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