Destiny 2 Already Set Up Tangled Shore to Be Vaulted

Warning!! The following article contains spoilers for Destiny 2: Season of the Lost.

Bungie announced that a multitude of Year 4 content will head into the Destiny Content Vault, including the Forsaken campaign and the Tangled Shore destination. This removal will coincide with the release of The Witch Queen next February in order to make room for future content. While the Tangled Shore has been a popular destination, it being vaulted should not come as a surprise from a narrative standpoint. Bungie has foreshadowed its removal since the beginning of Season of the Lost.

Spider and Crow, as the two vendors on the Tangled Shore, are the key characters that play into the narrative removal of the destination. Spider took over the Tangled Shore after the Battle of Saturn when the Awoken Queen Mara Sov did not return. After Uldren Sov was reborn in the Light as Crow, he used Crow to serve his purposes hunting down the Wrathborn of Xivu Arath. Now that Mara Sov has returned and Crow has joined the Guardians, Spider needs to make a strategic exit.

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Spider's Tactical Retreat

Guardians were clued in on Spider's growing list of woes through the various dialogue exchanges that occur during Astral Alignment rounds. It's worth a Guardian's while to complete multiple rounds of Astral Alignment in a given week since different dialogue scenarios may play out.

While the obvious strike against Spider in the eyes of the Awoken is his treatment of Crow, his lack of participation in the current season also draws dissatisfaction. When Mara asks Petra early in the season what Spider has done to help, the Queen's Wrath can only respond that he has done nothing. Petra expresses clear eagerness when Mara discusses the need to deal with Spider.

The queen's own ire is further displayed when she asks an anxious Glint to describe Spider's treatment of Crow. Crow is not around for this exchange, and Glint tries to side-step the issue. It doesn't take long for the little Ghost to cave and satisfy the queen's demand for a one-word description. His response was that Spider's treatment of Crow was "horrible." Mara is not surprised, and it would be reasonable to consider this one word as Spider's death sentence. A later dialogue exchange between Mara and Petra reveals the queen's order that, once Savathûn has been taken care of, Petra is to "remove the Spider and all his loyalists from the Reef. Permanently."

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Spider being killed seems unlikely. He has expressed an awareness that he needs to make a stealthy - and quick - exit from the Reef. Perhaps Guardians will see him on a different planet, but it likely won't be any time soon. Master Rahool will take over Spider's currency exchange at the release of the next expansion, which wouldn't be necessary if Spider remained accessible.

Crow Takes Flight

Technically, Crow's presence on the Tangled Shore as a vendor is leftover from Season of the Hunt. With that content being vaulted, he would necessarily be removed. However, Crow has recently made his exit from the H.E.L.M. during Season of the Lost.

Having recently regained memories from Savathûn of Uldren Sov, Crow demanded permission from Ikora to be reassigned. He does not return to the Shore but instead goes to Venus, as revealed through Lore. With both Crow and Spider off the Shore and neither with a reason to return, the content can be neatly vaulted within the scope of the game's narrative.

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