DnD 5e: Loxodon Race, Abilities & Names, Explained

Dungeons & Dragons has found ways to introduce some incredible player character races to the game over the years. With the release of Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica in 2018, D&D players could explore one of Magic: The Gathering's iconic settings and discover a bevvy of new creatures, including the Loxodon.

For those who've always wanted to slip into an elephant's skin and head out on the adventure of a lifetime, the Loxodon is the perfect race to explore. Not only do they tend to stand heads above everyone else around them (including the party's enemies), but they are fiercely loyal to those they adopt as their family and will stop at nothing to keep the ones they care about safe.

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What Are Loxodon in Dungeons & Dragons?

Hailing from Ravnica, Loxodon are the gentle giants of the city's busy streets. Their peaceful nature allows them to adapt to the hustle and bustle around them and approach even the most harrowing circumstances from a place of calm. Standing over seven feet tall, Loxodon have the heads of elephants -- including their trunks, tusks and ears -- and bipedal bodies similar to other humanoid species. Their hands contains four digits, but their feet are flat-bottomed like elephants.

The Loxodon's trunks act as a fifth appendage of sorts, performing a number of useful tasks, like carrying food or water to their mouth, picking up large, heavy objects and providing them with a remarkable sense of smell that aids them in sniffing out trouble or treasure when necessary. Due to their patience, precision and intuition when it comes to stone crafting, they are unrivaled as stone masons.

Additionally, a Loxodon's loyalty to those they adopt as family and/or guild is unrivaled, and they believe wholeheartedly that, when in a group or party, it is the responsibility of everyone involved to watch each other's backs. They have been known to become so fiercely loyal to their friends that they lay down their lives to save them without a second thought. In turn, they expect the same from those they ally themselves with. If they are betrayed, their disappointment and wrath are swift.

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Loxodon Abilities

One of the Loxodon's core stat boost is +2 Constitution, which is useful for any class. The additional +1 Wisdom boost makes them excellent Clerics, Druids, Rangers and Monks. The peaceful calm they tend to practice works will with each of those classes, but none more intriguing than the Monk. A traveling Monk from afar offers plenty of plot points and role-playing options for everyone to explore.

In addition to CON and WIS boosts, Loxodon Serenity gives them advantage on saves against being Charmed or Frightened. The toughness of their skin provides them with natural armor equal to 12 + their CON modifier when they aren't wearing armor, and since CON often winds up being one of their core stats, that means they can end up with an Armor Class of 17. They also have advantage on Perception, Survival and Investigation checks reliant on smell, thanks to their trunks, which come in handy in a variety of other useful ways.

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Loxodon Names

Many Loxodon given names are difficult for non-Loxodon to pronounce due to the resonant nasal chambers of their trunks, which accent the syllables in ways others cannot do. Because of this, Loxodon often provide a translation of the name that non-Loxodon can identify with. Since they tend to be a tribal species, their naming traditions tend to follow their titles and positions, such as Healer, Heirarch, Revered or even Grandmother.

Examples of Loxodon names include Nikoom, Vasool or Tamuj for males, and Lyooda, Shuja or Yoolna for females. All of these names have a nasal resonance that while pronounceable to some degree by non-Loxodons, will never be spoken with the same clarity or resonance as they might from another Loxodon.

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Why You Should Play a Loxodon

Loxodon can easily enrich a player's gaming experience. Perhaps they have come from an unfamiliar plane, making them a novel rarity to the party and NPCs around them. Their size, which still counts as medium despite their towering height, and their unique trunk grant the player some abilities others cannot pull off. For example, a Loxodon's trunk can be used for more than just picking things up or grasping them; it can also serve as a snorkel, allowing the Loxodon to explore underwater and report back to the party.

Due to their generally peaceful nature, playing as a Loxodon provides a great opportunity for a player to spread peace and law through a war torn and chaotic world-setting. As generally lawful beings who seek order, being thrust into a world on edge offers plenty of role-playing options for a peace-loving creature to hold onto their beliefs in a setting that regularly challenges them.

Overall, the Loxodon's natural and powerful loyalty can shape the entire party, teaching everyone the value of service to one another to ensure the safety and survival of all. They are capable of becoming a steadfast ally, patient teacher and valuable contributor to the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of everyone they encounter, especially those adventurers they choose as their pack and family.

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