Doctor Who’s End Credits Are Missing a Vital Component

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Doctor Who: Flux, "Chapter Four: Village of the Angels," which aired on Sunday, Nov. 21 on BBC.

This week's episode of Doctor Who was full of twists and turns. With some new revelations about the Weeping Angels and the Doctor getting turned into an Angel herself, "Village of the Angels" has been one of the most dramatic stories in Doctor Who: Flux so far. There were also some notable changes in the end credits of this episode, which have left fans speculating over the plot of the rest of the series.

Firstly, there was the addition of a mid-credits scene. This scene shows Vinder arriving on the planet that his partner, Bel, had previously been on earlier in the episode. He finds Namaca, a person that Bel saved from Azure and Passenger, who tells Vinder that Bel left a recording for him. In it, Bel tells Vinder that she had to leave the planet to help the people who got trapped by Azure and that she loves him. However, the recording stops before Bel can tell Vinder her coordinates. The addition of this scene gives the audience more information about Bel as a character, as well as showcasing the chemistry between Bel and Vinder, which had only been hinted at in previous episodes.

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Secondly, some fans have pointed out on social media that the end credits music was missing its distinctive four-count beat at the end. As many Doctor Who fans will already know, Time Lords have two hearts, and so the beat in the end credits music is most likely meant to represent the beating of the Doctor's hearts. By choosing to remove this beat from the end of "Village of the Angels," the Doctor Who team seems to be implying that the Doctor's hearts have stopped beating now that she has been turned into a Weeping Angel.

The Doctor's hearts stopping could be for one of two reasons. It could simply be because her transformation has also turned her hearts into stone, which means that they can no longer beat. Alternatively, it could imply that the Doctor is now dead. This much darker theory could be possible, as the Weeping Angels' new transformation powers have never been seen in the show before and fans don't know exactly how they affect the people that have been changed. As "Village of the Angels" showed with the Weeping Angels collaborating with the Division and the rogue Angel's ability to possess Claire, there are many things that fans of the show still have to learn about the Doctor's scariest villains.

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While not impossible, this second theory is unlikely, as Seasons 1-4 showrunner Russell T. Davies has already been confirmed to take over after Chris Chibnall leaves at the end of Season 13. It is highly unlikely that the Doctor Who team would permanently kill off the main character right before a new showrunner is about to take over. There are also two more episodes of Doctor Who: Flux and the chances of Yaz, Dan and Vinder defeating Swarm and Azure without the Doctor's help are very slim.

It is more likely that the disappearance of the four beats in the end credits music symbolizes the Doctor's upcoming regeneration at the end of Chibnall's time as showrunner. Jodie Whittaker has already confirmed that she will be leaving the show after Season 13 and a trio of specials in 2022. Fans have already started to guess who will be cast as the next Doctor, and so it is more likely that the choice to remove the beat at the end of the music is teasing the arrival of a new Doctor in the next season.

To find out why the beat in the end credits music was missing, new episodes of Doctor Who air on Sundays on BBC One.

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