The X-Men's Least-Useful Mutant Just Became Their Most Powerful Member

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Inferno #4, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The X-Men have plenty of powerhouse figures, ranging from the nigh-godlike Omega-Level Mutants to the craftier leaders who make up the Quiet Council. But there's one notable mutant, who spent years in obscurity following his inglorious demise, who just became a LOT more vital.

Inferno #4 (by Jonathan Hickman, Valerio Schiti, Stefano Caselli, David Curiel, and VC's Joe Sabino) sets up Cypher's ultimate power play. Doing so saves a crucial life, and positions him as a major power player going forward in the X-Titles.

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Cypher has found a major level of importance in the modern era of X-Men stories. His ability to communicate with almost any being means that he was crucial in conversing with Krakoa. Doing so was a major stepping stone towards Krakoa becoming home to the new mutant nation. As such, Cypher gets to fill a unique position alongside the Quiet Council, serving as the voice of living island. He was one of the chosen warriors in X of Swords, and ended up marrying the Arakko warrior Bei the Blood Moon. Coupled with his longstanding friendship with the alien Warlock, all of this has given Cypher three of Krakoa's most important and deadly allies.

All three end up playing a crucial part in Cypher's plans in Inferno #4. Having been aware of Moira X, Xavier, and Magneto's machinations all along, Cypher has been lying in wait, ready to make his move for some time. He finally does so in Inferno #4, revealing himself after Mystique and Destiny removed Moira's powers. Although he seems to believe Moira's plans were in the wrong, he also doesn't want Mystique and Destiny to kill her. Arguing that mutants aren't allowed to kill humans (as Moira has been reverted to), he ensures that Moira is spared long enough to escape their wraith. It's a massive power play from Cypher, with Destiny admitting Cypher is the "nexus" by which the future of Krakoa will spin. Their best option is to consolidate power, as Cypher will as well.

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This sets up the possibility that Cypher's importance will only continue to grow as Krakoa heads into its Second Age. With resurrection expanded upon thanks to the Scarlet Witch and Planet Arakko serving as the galactic capital of the Sol System, the future for Marvel's mutants has never been brighter. Even with threats internal and external, the X-Men have gained a massive amount of power and influence. Cypher could try to extend his importance through major allies (such as his longtime friend Kate Pryde or his former mentor Magneto), adding to his ranks in a uniquely heroic way. It positions Cypher as the perfect counter to shadowy players like Mystique, Mister Sinister, and Sebastian Shaw, who've all had their schemes revealed and thwarted.

It's especially surprising because, for a long time, Cypher was held up as one of the most useless X-Men. An early member of the New Mutants, Cypher's abilities didn't readily translate to combat, leaving him largely on the sidelines. He eventually died saving Wolfsbane, and became one of the more notable mutants to never be fully resurrected -- at least until the events of Necrosha. Since then, Cypher has shown an increased potential, earning the respect of major figures like Xavier and Beast. But with this latest power play -- and his decision to reveal Moira's machinations to the rest of the Quiet Council have likely earned him a new level of respect. Going forward into Destiny of X, Xavier might still be a figurehead leader. But Cypher has made a strong point that he deserves to be a major figure going forward for Krakoa.

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