The Breakers Adds Dead By Daylight's Sense of Fear to DBZ Gameplay

Dragon Ball Z has always been right at home in video games. The series' various fantastic battles brought to life in numerous games over several genres, including RPGs and fighters. However, there is more to the series than just fighting. While most of the characters possess fighting abilities, there are a number who often supply support in other ways. These roles do not lend themselves to video games in most circumstances, but Dragon Ball: The Breakers wants the players to experience the world of Dragon Ball from an entirely new perspective.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers takes a familiar format from Dead By Daylight and pits seven players against one. The one player will take control of one of the main villains from the series, while the others control players who have no chance of standing against them. This simple change opens up the world and the gameplay in several ways, moving the series away from its trademark climactic battles and setpieces. This change means that the game needs to supply tension differently than fans are used to.

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Usually, Dragon Ball games make use of fast action and massive attacks to beat down the opponent. However, the characters in Dragon Ball: The Breakers have far less impressive skills. Iconic Dragon Ball bit player Oolong, a small pig-man who can transform, is front and center in the trailer. While his ability to transform is nowhere near as useful in a fight as a Kamehameha, it is undoubtedly helpful for escaping if used in the right way. This choice indicates that the game requires a more level-headed and considered approach to win. However, the opponent is no slouch and far more powerful than fans are used to.

The progression of Dragon Ball's story, villains, and characters are so well known that it is hard to do anything new with them. However, the gameplay style that is shown in Dragon Ball: The Breakers adds a new emotion to the series: fear. While players have met these villains numerous times, it has always been from a position of relative equality. Controlling someone as powerful as Goku makes enemies such as Frieza or Cell less of a threat and more of a challenge. However, pitting considerably less powerful against these beings helps to introduce the fear these characters deserve.

The trailer for the game focuses mostly on Cell, an android who absorbs human beings to increase his power. The player controlling Cell starts in his weakest form and must slowly gain the power to transform into his final form. Cell will have access to his powers of flight, increased strength and energy blasts, which he can use to hunt down his opponents. If they tried to fight, they would find themselves completely overwhelmed. The trailer also shows Cell destroying huge areas with his abilities once he attains his perfect form. While this addition adds to the spectacle of the game, it also adds something new for players to experience.

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Like with the villains, the attacks of Dragon Ball Z are well known to fans. The way the attacks function and the way that they affect characters are well known. However, the chance to see these moves from a completely different perspective is one that fans should relish. Most players have had Frieza throw a deathball at them and dodged it using the incredible speed available to most characters. However, playing as a character who doesn't have enhanced speed makes these attacks fresh and exciting. This simple change could help to bring back some of the awe that these moves are meant to instill in the player.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a great example of a series deciding to try something new rather than focusing on the same style over and over again. Hopefully, the game will allow players to fall back in love with the series and show developers that it is possible to take new risks with long-running series. Though no concrete release date was announced, Dragon Ball: The Breakers is slated for release in 2022 on all major consoles.

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