Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer Get Deep Discounts for Funimation's Black Friday Sale

Shonen anime fans won't have to unleash their full power level on any unruly crowds this Black Friday, as they can instead take advantage of some generous deals and bonus offers on Dragon Ball and Demon Slayer figures through Funimation.

Funimation's online store will host discounts of more than 50% off on some of its most popular figures. The anime distributor's big holiday sale will begin on Friday, Nov. 26 at 8:00 A.M. CST, and will continue until Sunday, Nov. 28 at 11:59 P.M. CST. In addition to the discounts that will be available to all customers, subscribers to Funimation's Premium and Premium+ services will also be eligible for several bonus offers, including getting a free Funkopop of Goku with the Flying Nimbus on every order, a free Figpin enamel pin with orders over $200 and more. Funimation's announcement states that the company will have more bonus offers for subscribers throughout the sale.

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Highlights from the sale include Banpresto's Super Saiyan God Goku figure. This prize figure features Goku in his red-haired form from Dragon Ball Super as he strikes a fighting stance. The 7-inch figure normally retails for $19.99 USD, but Funimation will cut the price by more than half to $8.99 during the sale. Fans who prefer Goku's standard appearance can also pick up G x Materia Goku figure, which shows the Saiyan firing off his trademark special attack, the Kamehameha. This figure will also be on sale for $8.99, and includes translucent effect parts for Goku's energy blast and a display stand.

Demon Slayer fans and Funko collectors will also be able to pick up a three pack of the popular anime and manga series' central trio of swordsmen. The special bundle features the Funko-fied figures of the series' kindly protagonist Tanjiro, the cowardly but powerful Zenitsu and the boar-headed Inosuke. The bundle's usual price of $44.99 will be slashed to $26.99 during the sale.

The discounted figures are just the latest treat that fans of Koyoharu Gotouge's manga series have been given this holiday season. Ufotable's anime adaptation of the series recently debuted its long-awaited second season, which is currently wrapping up its retelling of the Mugen Train arc. In December, the series will move on to the all new Entertainment District arc, which will adapt one of the most acclaimed parts of the original manga series.

The multiple Dragon Ball anime series can be streamed through Funimation. Both Funimation and Crunchyroll are hosting simulcasts of Demon Slayer's current season. The first season can also be streamed from those platforms, as well as on Netflix and Hulu.

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Source: Funimation

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