Dragon Ball Fan Recreates Iconic Piccolo Scene in LEGO

More than a few scenes from Dragon Ball have stuck with fans throughout its long run, but Piccolo's euphoric cheering amidst the backdrop of his home planet Namek stands out as one of the most memorable moments for Dragon Ball Z in particular. A fan-made LEGO animation shows a nostalgic remake based on the original's glory.

Reddit user MinilifeTV posted a minute-long video of the iconic scene faithfully recreated in LEGO, though he admitted to commenters on the post that he was taking some creative liberties with a few of his props."[The front of Piccolo's chest] was actually sticky tack," Minilife said to a user who asked about it. "Only thing I could think of to use to shape Piccolo's cape," he continued.

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This part of the series has been a long-running joke within the fandom, spawning innumerable memes and motivational posters thanks to its community. Watching Piccolo--who is usually one of the more taciturn characters of the show--laugh and chant to himself is surprising, though somewhat understandable given that he had just been revived from the afterlife.

The video has been receiving praise from Dragon Ball fans, with some applauding the recreated animation's fidelity to the show, while others laughed at the comical elation delivered by Piccolo's voice actor. Some commenters admitted that they weren't even sure if the used script was entirely canon or if it was just a cleverly edited parody, but other members assured that it was from the real episode. Animator MinilifeTV also posts other LEGO stop motion animations for his original series Minilife Chronicles, as well as other fan-made content revolving around popular media franchises--such as Batman and Star Wars--on his YouTube channel.

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Fans of Dragon Ball Z can now watch the franchise's most recent series Dragon Ball Super. Series creator Akira Toriyama continues to write the saga of Son Goku, setting the new sequel four years after the defeat of Majin Buu. Though the Z fighters are now living in relative peace, nothing lasts forever as the universe is once again disrupted by the reawakening of Beerus, the God of Destruction. With new figures introduced and old enemies returning to the fold, Goku and his friends must once again prepare to break their limits in order to meet these emerging threats.

Dragon Ball Z is available to stream on Funimation, while the remastered version, Dragon Ball Z Kai, can be purchased from Amazon. Dragon Ball Super is available for streaming on many digital distributors, including Netflix, Prime Video and Crunchyroll.

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Source: Reddit

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