Encanto's John Leguizamo Explains Bruno's Role in the Family

Encanto marks Disney's sixtieth animated feature, and with it, audiences meet the Madrigal family. Each member has a magical ability -- like shape-shifting, super strength, or healing through food. However, not everyone is lucky. Mirable never receives a gift. And, her uncle, Bruno, has been ostracized from the family. During an Encanto press conference that CBR attended, Bruno's voice actor, John Leguizamo, dove into his role of the outcasted uncle.

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"Bruno is that relative that always says the wrong thing at every party," Leguizamo said. "Who wrecks every holiday, because they're always talking too much, so that's who I am. I'm Bruno. I'm that uncle that they try to get rid of, and they do get rid of him in this movie. I relate to him because I had that bit of an issue. I was always talking too much, saying everything nobody wanted to... was afraid to say... I was the black sheep of the family."

The importance of Disney's Encanto goes beyond Bruno's relatability. Encanto is the first Disney animated film to focus on Columbia. Leguizamo has been outspoken before about Latinx/Latine representation in media, so he discussed what it meant to see Columbia representation on the big screen like this.

"There were a couple of moments that really hit me hard," the star reflected. "As a grown-ass man,  I was like, 'Yo, my tears are welling up.' I'm feeling like your stomach starts going like this. [makes noise]. It was when I saw all the colors, 'cause that's how my family is in Colombia. Everybody can be really mad dark, or light, straight black hair, or super curly hair. It looked like my family. It looked like the way I grew up, and to see that, you just feel like, 'Oh, my God, we've arrived.' We as Latinx people have finally arrived when there's a Disney movie about you, and then to hear cumbia, and vallenato, and Carlos Vives -- like the real music from Columbia -- you're like, 'I can't do this. This is too much for me.' It was amazing."

To meet Bruno, check out Encanto on Nov. 24 in theaters.

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