Stephanie Beatriz Celebrates Mirable Joining Disney's Heroines

After decades of filmmaking, Disney is releasing its sixtieth animated feature with Encanto, which follows the magical adventures of the Madrigal family. In this family, everyone eventually receives a gift, except Mirable. However, it's Mirable who realizes that something seems off with the family's magic. It's Mirable who steps up to save the miracle. During a press conference that CBR attended, Mirable's voice actor, Stephanie Beatriz, as well as one of Encanto's producers, Clark Spencer, discussed the newest Disney protagonist.

"Mirabel doesn't have a gift, which I find extremely relatable, because there have been many times in my life where I felt like I didn't belong," Beatriz said. "I didn't measure up. I wasn't talented enough to be there. I had imposter syndrome, but I also discovered by getting older and working more on trusting myself, that I do have something to offer, and it is special. I am myself. Not everybody's gonna love that, but the people that do are gonna love it really hard."

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Bouncing off of what Beatriz said, Spencer noted how Mirable's journey and lack of magic feed into the theme that one's worth is beyond their gifts. "As Mirabel started to be developed as a character, it really started to shine when the idea of these magical powers came in, and everyone got one but her," Spencer said.

"You knew what this was gonna be, emotionally," Spencer continued. "It's one of those moments when someone pitches an idea and you say, 'Oh, now I need to see that movie. I need to understand who she is.' We get to go on this incredible journey and realize at the end of the day, to your point, that our gifts aren't related to our worth. These are separate things, and we all have value, and we all bring something to our family. We bring something to this world, no matter who we are. I think that's such a powerful and important message."

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Due to Mirable's circumstances, she is the odd person out in her family. While Encanto is all about family and community, Mirable's lack of magic puts her in an awkward place. It also isolates her on more than one occasion, which leads to moments of comedy mixed in with the more emotional ones. Beatriz remarked how comedy can often make an uncomfortable situation more comfortable for herself and others, and this truth can be seen in Mirable too.

"I don't want to give anything away, but there's some fun stuff once Mirabel takes off on the adventure that happens," Beatriz said. "There's some funny stuff when she's by herself. She's trying to entertain herself. What's kinda crazy is in this big, huge family, Mirabel often is alone and depending on herself, so she becomes her own sidekick and talks to herself a lot. I think a lot of that improv ended up making it into the film."

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Along with being her own sidekick, Mirable joins the long list of Disney heroines. While she is not a princess, she fits in with the Disney protagonists who've come before her.

"Technically Mirabel's not a princess, but she is a Disney heroine, which I think is even cooler," Beatriz said. "Disney has this incredible tradition of crafting these female characters. The protagonists and their stories are these girls and women who are really brave, really good at heart, want the best for everyone around them, and are willing to go on these sometimes really dangerous, crazy, magical adventures to get what they want. I'm really proud to be part of that legacy, to hopefully... Honor the work of all of the women that have come before me, that have been in this position, and also hopefully add something new to it as well."

Meet the family Madrigal this Thanksgiving with Encanto in theaters.

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