Euphoria: Fez's Backstory Leads To Brutal Revenge

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Euphoria's Season 2 premiere, "Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door," now available on HBO.

Most of the first season of Euphoria focused on Zendaya's Rue. However, fans took to her drug-dealing friend, Fez because he was genuinely concerned with helping her kick the habit. And it wasn't just due to a crush but because he wanted Rue out of the dangerous life he was steeped in. But what also made Fez appealing was his mysterious past, and come the Season 2 premiere, it leads to a bloody, brutal piece of revenge.

Fez and his younger adopted brother, Ashtray, were revealed to have started their dealing careers early, creating questions over what role their grandma played, as the present-day had her hooked up at home to machines, dying of lung cancer. Well, their dark origin is unveiled in Season 2, and their grandmother was a drug-dealing queenpin who shot Fez's abusive dad and took the kid in, wanting to make up for his mom's absence from his life.

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However, her manner of parenting wasn't any better, as she involved him as a narcotics partner around the age of 10. But while she was a drinking, smoking and violent lady, she loved Fez and Ash, who was left with her by a client that never returned. And with her boys, she charted on, creating a family. But Fez wasn't as convinced, especially because he was left scarred after she once left baby Ashtray in a "jacuzzi" in the kitchen sink, only for the kid to eat cigarettes.

And all of this newfound stress culminated in the grandmother attacking a former client with a crowbar in broad daylight. Fez tried to stop her but accidentally got smacked, which explained the scar on his head and his mental state thereafter. But that aside, when she got diagnosed with cancer, Fez remained loyal.

This led to the present where Fez dropped Rue at a party, going on to chill with her friends, namely Lexi, Rue's former bestie who grew apart from her. They chatted, with Fez showing a more caring, human side as Ashtray dealt at the party. Fez even began questioning his morals as he and Lexi discussed his belief in God, leaving fans believing he may turn over a new leaf.

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That got erased in the final moments, however, when he poured a drink next to Nate and seemingly buried the hatchet. Nate was abusive to Rue and other victims in Season 1, which led to Fez threatening him and Nate getting cops to raid Fez's home. But as they toasted to their rekindled relationship, Fez smashed a bottle over Nate's face. He then pummelled him, beating him to a pulp to send the same message his granny would have: No one is to mess with business or family.

Nate's corrupt dad has money and resources, however, and seeing as Fez and Ashtray killed another dealer in Mouse and took over their block, the timing couldn't be worse. It once again showed how irrational and emotional Fez gets on issues involving Rue, suggesting he may not be over her.

To see Fez's outburst, Euphoria airs Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m. EST and streams on HBO Max the same day.

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