Fortnite Chapter 3's Tent & Victory Crowns Are Game Changers

It was only recently that Fortnite unleashed its Chapter 3 update, and fans are still reeling from the massive overhaul that the popular battle royale game has once again undergone. Epic Games literally flipped Fortnite's world over with its Foundation climax event that saw heroic character The Foundation (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) team up with Jonesy to flip the island over, defeating the Chapter 2 antagonist The Cube Queen once and for all while revealing an entirely new island map.

The new chapter ushered in a brand new season, complete with a battle pass that features not only The Foundation but a surprise appearance from Spider-Man. However, the new battle pass and map aren't the only changes that Epic has made for the next chapter of Fortnite's continuing live service experience. Chapter 3 has introduced two new items, the Victory Crown and Tent, that have the potential to alter the game's strategies and tactics in new and exciting ways. These items not only provide a refreshing new angle for seasoned players, but they also show just how much Epic is willing to shake up the classic Fortnite formula.

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For most players, the ultimate goal of a Fortnite match is to get a win. Even though the game has evolved into something akin to a massively multiplayer online RPG, the base game remains a fight to crown one champion. This is where the new Victory Crowns come in. This new item is a literal crown that players can acquire through skilled play, or by picking up off of a defeated foe. If a player finishes a match with a high rank (top 4 in Solos, top 2 in Duos or winning in Trios and Squads) a Victory Crown will be earned and automatically added to the player inventory for the next match. Players who have a Victory Crown equipped will have a distinctive golden aura around the character's head and earn extra experience points for certain tasks like player kills.

However, this is not the only benefit of the Victory Crown. Players who manage to win a game with a Crown equipped will unlock a custom emote that shows off to others how many "Crowned Victory Royales" the player has managed throughout the season. In a game that has thrived off of players' need to show off exclusive items and skins to fellow combatants, this new emote is a fun way for skilled players to earn bragging rights. The Victory Crowns add a fun new level of optional challenge for the scores of players that have become skilled in Fortnite's gameplay loop and are another fun distraction for veterans to chase along with the game's myriad of quests and optional side activities.

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Although Victory Crowns provide a fun new avenue for seasoned players, the Tent is a more innocuous but game-changing addition. Upon first glance, these items, which are found rolled up on the map, seem to be another joke item that players can jump inside to heal. However, the Tent has one other vital feature: the ability to store weapons inside of it that can carry over between matches. This is another first for the game and a potentially huge change that allows players to instantly be heavily armed in any match.

Players that are lucky enough to find legendary weapons or even purchase exotic firearms can place up to three of them into the tent at a time, locking them in until they are retrieved. In the next match, players just need to find a tent and set it up, allowing them to retrieve stored weapons for an early match advantage. If a player can find a tent early on, this potential advantage is huge. It adds a layer of danger to the already perilous early stages of a Fortnite match but, much like the Victory Crowns, the raiding of a Tent carries a risk/reward as well. Any player that dies after retrieving powerful weaponry from the tent loses it forever.

Fortnite continues to throw players for a loop with its seasonal gameplay and world-changing new chapters, and Chapter 3's new items are continued proof that even for veteran players, there's always something new on the horizon. Season 1 is running now until March 19, 2021, giving players plenty of time to stock those Tents and earn as many Victory Crowns as possible.

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