Fortnite: Who Are the Seven?

The Seven have been hinted at by Fortnite for a while now, especially during Chapter 2. In Chapter 3, players have a better idea of who they are, why they are here, and how they affect what is happening on the current island. They have asked the players, known in the game as Loopers, for their help while attempting to free the Zero Point from the Imagined Order. The Imagined Order's goal is to use the Zero Point to gain knowledge and power, but this colonization of such a powerful force threatens the Omniverse.

Led by The Foundation (voiced by and modeled after Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), The Seven have been a part of the ongoing events of the island since Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 4, when the Visitor crashed his meteor into the island, marking Fortnite's first in-game event. Stopping the Imagined Order and freeing the Zero Point from their control is their number one priority. Currently, their presence is felt more than ever before, with numerous Outposts around the current island designated as Seven Outposts.

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The Foundation

The Foundation comes across as stoic and focused, saving Agent Jones from Dr. Slone because he "promised [him] Geno." He is also quick to jump into a fight, as is evident when he attacks Agent Jones on sight at the beginning of Chapter 2, Season 6. Despite this, he is willing to do whatever it takes to complete his mission, even if that includes sacrificing himself for the greater good.

Players learn more about his character in the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation crossover comic. He considers the Omniverse more important than the individual realities that inhabit it, but he also values teamwork. He has been around for a long time, at one point telling Batman he's been studying the Zero Point longer than he's been alive. The Foundation has a range of powers and abilities, the most notable currently being an energy ball that deals 90 damage to players that attack him on the island. His suit can also protect him from the island's effects on the memory of Loopers and The Nothing, the Black Hole event at the end of Chapter 1.

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The Visitor

The Visitor (voiced by JB Blanc) is the first member of the Seven the island's Loopers ever met, with his appearance dating back to Chapter 1, Season 4. He is brilliant and capable, even on his own. After landing on the island, he created a makeshift rocket to leave the Loop, which caused more problems when his rocket opened sideways rifts above the island before he eventually left.

He also played a crucial role in Chapter One's "The End" event. His rocket, along with six others, helped create an event that ended up destroying the island (codenamed at the time as "Athena") and making the Black Hole that sent players into a frenzy for nearly two days. His audio logs from this time also went a long way for setting up future plot points involving the Seven, the Zero Point and Fortnite as a whole. His last appearance was alongside fellow teammates The Foundation and The Scientist during Chapter 2.

The Scientist

The Scientist, played by actor Joel McHale, is currently the most vocal member of the Seven. He first appeared in Chapter 1, Season X, as an unlockable outfit, and he helped the Visitor set up the event that marked the end of "Athena." The tapes left by the Visitor during this season were meant for the Scientist, as the Visitor was unable to orchestrate his plans alone. He also appears alongside the Visitor at the end of Chapter 2.

Not much is known about him outside of his relationship to the Paradigm and the Seven. Despite their complicated history, he seems to know something about the Paradigm his team doesn't and justifies her leaving. From his audio logs, Loopers can deduce he is a bit brash and cocky but has a good heart. He wants to re-establish relations between the Paradigm and the Seven and is working towards stopping the Imagined Order alongside his team.

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The Paradigm

A lot is currently unknown about the Paradigm, including who is portraying her. Thanks to the audio logs the Scientist left on the island in Chapter 3, Loopers now know that the Paradigm and the Seven experienced a falling out, and she is considered untrustworthy by the team.

According to the Scientist, Loopers can deduce she underwent some form of trauma when he says, "It's hard to believe that someone who went through what you went through would hold the line," but what she went through is unknown. The Scientist still seems to vouch for her, stating, "regardless of the past, there is no future without her." Loopers are left to speculate her past, role and allegiance until Epic Games sheds more light on her character.

The Rest?

Currently, Loopers only know these four of the presumably seven members of the Seven. It is unknown who makes up the rest of the team or what significance they will bear on the island's fate in the future.

What we do know is that the story is only getting started, and Fortnite has crafted itself into much more than just a Battle Royale game. It is a continuous tug-and-pull between powers, realities, and the multiverse's fate as it is known. It is also a place to race cars, attend concerts, build games and dunk on players with emotes kids will be imitating for years to come.

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