God of War: 5 Weird Facts About Kratos' Body

In the world of God of War, a place where gods are real and involve themselves in mortal lives, Kratos, a former soldier-turned-god, manages to live one of the bloodiest and most storied lives of them all. Embarking on a conquest to destroy the Greek gods themselves seemed an impossible task, yet Kratos has done it.

Kratos has accomplished a lot throughout the original trilogy and 2018 reboot, and in next year's God of War: Ragnarok, he might be on course to take down yet another pantheon. An unnaturally aggressive yet competent combatant, Kratos has waged war with deities and has shown himself to be among the strongest and most unique heroes around.

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Kratos Has Near-Infinite Strength

On many occasions, Kratos has demonstrated that he possesses a level of strength that far exceeds not just any human, but every other god he has encountered so far. He has defeated beings 30 times his size with melee weapons, lifted items weighing several tons and bested some of the oldest and strongest gods in hand-to-hand combat.

Reviewing his past, it becomes clear that there has rarely been an obstacle that Kratos was not strong enough to handle. As it currently stands, there is a solid chance that Kratos' strength has no limit. He is as strong as he needs to be for whatever situation he encounters and alters his strength to suit his task. If Kratos needs to be strong enough to break a chest and retrieve its loot, then he is. If he needs to be strong enough to single handedly defeat a dragon, then he is.

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Kratos' Abdomen Scar Is Self-Inflicted

The finale of God of War III shows how Kratos got the huge scar on his abdomen. After finally defeating Zeus and getting his revenge on the corrupt Greek pantheon, Athena and Kratos realize the power that allowed him to complete this daunting task: hope. Defying Athena's wishes to keep it for herself, Kratos impaled himself with the Blades of Olympus, releasing the power of hope and entrusting it to humanity.

Kratos ran himself through, losing a considerable amount of blood and leaving a large open wound. Despite the supposed mortal wound, Kratos appears alive and well in Midgard some years later. Although largely healed, the scar is still present and prominent on his torso.

Kratos Has Incredible Healing Abilities

On numerous occassions, Kratos has fallen from incredible heights, been cut or stabbed, and taken punches that would kill anyone else. This begs the question: Why has none of this seem stopped him? The answer lies in part with his determination, but mostly with his godly power. Kratos and other gods have demonstrated the ability to force their bodies to heal from lighter wounds during and after battle. In God of War (2018)'s opening fight against Baldur, there were moments where the god's flesh warped and the cuts in their skin closed back up, taking him back to a state where he was ready to keep fighting.

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Ares and the Blades of Chaos Gave Kratos His Scars

When Kratos was a young captain in the Spartan army, he fought barbarians from the east. Brutal and overwhelming in numbers, the barbarians were winning, and their leader was about to strike Kratos down. It was then that Kratos made a deal with Ares to save himself.

In exchange for winning the battle for him, Ares gave Kratos the Blades of Chaos and made him the gods' herald. The blades were mighty weapons attached to Kratos' body via burning chains wrapped around his forearms. This act left marks burned into his skin that remained long after he removed the blades. When he removes his arm wraps at the end of God of War (2018), it is revealed that the scars are still present, despite his healing ability.

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Kratos' Pale Skin Has Gruesome Origins

It wasn't long after Kratos joined up with Ares that it became clear the Greek god was plotting something. In a bid to break Kratos' remaining attachments to the mortal world and turn him into the perfect servant, Ares tricked him into attacking a village and killing his own wife and young child, whom he did not know were present.

Stricken with grief and horror, Kratos abandoned his deal with Ares and left the village (and his family's bodies) to burn in its temple. The village oracle cursed Kratos, making it so his family's ashes stuck to his skin, turning it "pale as the moon." Despite his long life, his skin remains the same and it does not appear he will ever be free of the curse.

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