Guardians of the Galaxy: How to Beat Magus

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, available now.

After defeating Grand Unifier Raker and saving the universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy quickly find themselves facing one more universe-destroying foe. Players were treated to a credits scene after the Guardians' ceremonious return to their ship, which provided a clue that the game wasn't truly over. Names and job titles began changing to the word Magus, and Adam Warlock himself grew increasingly ill during cut-scenes. These events led to the reveal that Magus is the game's true final boss.

With the help of Nikki and Mantis, the Guardians face off against Magus in an end-game battle that combines dialogue prompts, combat and QTE action. This guide will walk players through the final fight in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and show how Magus can be successfully trapped in the Soul Stone.

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Breaking Down The Fight Against Magus

The fight begins when the Guardians reject Magus' claim of godhood. Players must choose a dialogue option that irritates Magus to coax him closer so he can be trapped in the Soul Stone. Ultimately it will take a few stages before players can anger Magus completely, but for now, he becomes frustrated and throw a planet-sized rock at the Guardians. Nikki will create a Faith energy force shield that will protect all inside. Star-Lord must press forward without stopping to make it under the shield in time.

Enemies will then spawn on the battlefield, and the Guardians will be barraged with a rain of energy projectiles from Magus. Once the waves of enemies are defeated, the Guardians will enter into a new conversation with Magus. Star-Lord must again choose a dialogue option that irritates Magus, who will throw another planet-sized rock at the Guardians. Get to the Faith energy shield and defeat one more wave of enemies.

During the third dialogue option, Star-Lord can "Provoke the Magus." Magus will finally become enraged, and a QTE section follows. Nikki will trip, losing control of the Soul Stone, and each of the Guardians will then direct the Stone toward Peter. Players must press the correct button in time for the Guardians to hit or catch the Stone. Once Peter has the Stone, he will use it to trap Magus during one final QTE section where players need to repeatedly press a button to prevent failure.

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Strategies To Defeat Magus

The fight against Magus is not especially difficult, though players could be overwhelmed by the number of enemies on-screen. Players will want to defeat enemies quickly. Doing so not only provides Star-Lord with health in case he runs low, but it will prevent enemies from swarming the team. Call for a Huddle when it is available, and make use of each Guardian's abilities. Star-Lord will benefit from his Shield of Spartax, and Groot's Gift of the Florae is best kept in reserve. If enemies cluster together, any weapons from Rocket's explosive arsenal can make quick work of them, as can Star-Lord's lightning elemental ability.

The energy projectiles Magus throws can be evaded. A warning sign flashes up above to alert players that a projectile is coming, and a red area of effect will show on the ground. Sometimes, these projectiles land very close together, so players will need to use Star-Lord's jet boots to successfully evade them.

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