How Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Redefines Peter's Relationship With His Mom

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, available now.

The game Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy takes everything that makes its characters endearing in comics and movies and lets players experience them in a new way. Though the perspective of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, the team's occasionally fearless leader, players can explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy and encounter various aliens from the Chitauri to the mighty Fin Fang Foom. However, despite the grand cosmic setting, Peter's relationships are the main focus. This is best shown with the relationship between Peter and his mother, Meredith Quill.

In the comics and films, Peter's mother plays an integral role in shaping him into who he grows up to be. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a young Peter can't process his mother's death and runs away. It's only when he faces the reality of his loss and grief that he becomes a truly strong and competent leader. Meanwhile, the comics establish that Peter and Meredith shared a strong dynamic before the Badoon killed her. However, outside of her tragic passing, their actual relationship had never really been explored until Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

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The game begins with a young Peter in his room listening to music. After some player exploration, his mother walks in and talks to him about the music she listened to when she was younger. Peter seems surprised, mentioning that Meredith is a lot cooler than any of his friends' moms. Although the scene is brief, it quickly establishes both that the two have been on their own for some time, and that they share a strong bond as mother and son.

While Peter's childhood story (like the film's and comics) only covers the events leading up to Meredith's death, the game puts their final conversation in the player's hands. Whether begging or bargaining to see a new movie or asking questions about his father, it's clear that Meredith has been carrying the weight of Peter's true lineage for a long time. Now, with his birthday arriving so soon after the deaths of Meredith's parents, she gives Peter his father's element guns. While Peter knows nothing about their true nature, it's easy for players to see how Peter's secret alien heritage has been a heavy weight on her shoulders.

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Rather than laugh her concerns off, Peter seems like the only person to believe her -- and those concerns become real when the Chitauri appear and take Peter away, killing Meredith in the process. The event sticks out to Peter, and when he's given a chance to be with her again in "The Promise" of the Universal Church of Truth, he considers it. However, even though the game makes players think there's a happy ending where he can save his mom, players must instead reject The Promise and gun down Meredith, killing Peter's dream. It's a powerful scene, one that proves difficult for the player and Peter after seeing how much they meant to one another.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy shows a new side to Peter and Meredith Quill that makes them more than a mother and son; they were each other's best friends. Giving Meredith more screen-time and personality deepens the pain of forcing Peter to say goodbye for a second time, but it also provides him with a more powerful arc as he learns to live in the present and look towards the future. It's a decisive moment that reflects Peter's maturity, and it wouldn't have been possible without taking the time to peel back the layers of his relationship with his mother.

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