What Peter's Betrayal of Yondu Could Mean

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, available now.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy tells a powerful story that focuses the importance of family and how everyone must face their mistakes. This is best exemplified through the game's main character Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord), who makes plenty of bad choices before forming the Guardians. However, while the game itself shows how he grows to challenge his biggest fault in freeing the Magus from the Soul Stone, there are still other debts that Peter will likely have to pay in the future.

One of the best things about Guardians of the Galaxy are the Easter eggs scattered throughout the universe. These teases could lead to new characters or simply explore the larger cosmic universe. One of the biggest comes in the form of various side conversations regarding Peter's mentor, Yondu Udonta, revealing a hidden betrayal in which Peter likely double-crosses his old friend.

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Who Is Yondu Udonta?


Yondu was first introduced in Marvel Super-Heroes #18 by Arnold Drake and Gene Colan. In that story, Yondu is a part of the original Guardians of the Galaxy from the 29th-century. In that universe, he's a hero and part of a tribe that carries a deep connection with nature.  Sadly, he dies while finding his ancestor from the past to stop him from inadvertently dooming their entire race.

Yondu's ancestor, also named Yondu, is the version that trains Peter as a child and is a part of the Ravagers, a band of space aliens. In the comics, he's ruthless for most of his adult life until his ancestor puts him on a path of heroism. However, unlike the games and films, Yondu doesn't take Peter from his mother or meet him when he's a kid. Instead, he's Peter's cellmate in a Chiutauri prison, and the two manage to escape together. They became fast friends, with Yondu taking Peter under his wing as they fought in the Galactic War as Ravagers with the codenames "The Kid" and "Blue Bird."

Where Is Yondu Now?


Yondu is mentioned early in the game through a Nova database that reveals his criminal record. However, it's later discovered that he has been locked up in the Kyln, a dangerous and corrupt Nova Corps prison. However, it's not immediately revealed why Yondu is imprisoned.

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Later, when the Guardians are brainstorming ideas of who can help them stop the universal Church of Truth, Yondu's name pops up. Rather than agree, Peter dismisses the idea, as the Kyln is a dangerous place, and he is actually the one who sent Yondu there, alluding to a betrayal. An earlier conversation with Gamora also revealed that during the Galactic War, the Ravagers also fought for both sides. With Yondu as their leader, it's possible Peter turned him in to join the Resistance and gain amnesty for his crimes.

What Could This Mean for Peter Quill's future?


For now, there's no telling where Peter Quill and the Guardians' stories could go. In their adventures, they've crossed paths with influential people, and with the Church defeated, the whole galaxy knows who they are. But that fame could also reach Yondu, who likely only needed one reason to stage an escape.

With Peter's newfound fame, his old mentor could see this as the perfect time to visit his friend and enact his revenge. Of course, by bringing the Ravagers back together, the Guardians would have a serious threat on their hands, and it would all be because Peter betrayed his friend. However, like all great Guardian's stories, it could also open the door for the team to turn Yondu to the side of good -- or die trying.

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